About Us

The GrandCare Vision

A future where all are able to remain independent, healthy, happy and connected to family and friends. We believe that everyone has the right to empower themselves with enabling technologies to stay healthy, safe, and happy at home. The judicious use of technology can help professional caregivers, family caregivers, and individuals who want to maintain their own wellness.


Charlie Hillman Picture

In the early 1990′s, Charlie Hillman had a problem. He was caring for his great aunt who lived in a cottage next door. Clara was in her late 80′s and was blessed with good health and cognition. She walked over to his house once or twice a day for meals and family gatherings.

One January morning she called to let Charlie know that it was cold in her home. Charlie went over to check it out and found that all of the windows were open. Clara had opened the¬†windows because of a strong, burning smell and thick smoke. Charlie’s heart went into his shoes as he navigated the crawlspace below the cottage and noticed flames coming from the furnace. Subsequent conversations revealed that Clara had been enduring temperature swings for weeks and had heard noises coming from the basement. She, of course, had no idea what this was and “didn’t want to bother anyone”.

Charlie was incredulous and shaken by the close call. He knew there had to be a solution, and thus the vision of GrandCare was born. Unable to find any integrated solution on the market, Charlie put his MIT education to good use and in the mid-nineties, began to design a system from a variety of disciplines. Charlie knew there were many others in a similar situation who could use a user-friendly system that was easy to install. By 1995, Clara’s home was outfitted with a pre-GrandCare product consisting of basic sensors and a device to automatically turn on her TV when Lawrence Welk came on. Clara was safe, happy, and was able to continue living independently at home for the rest of her life.

Fast forward almost twenty years to today. Technologies such as the internet and wireless sensors have helped to turn what started as a vision into a reality. Charlie had tabled his vision for a few years, but came back to it full force in 2003, beta testing the GrandCare System in 2005, and bringing the GrandCare model to market late in 2006.

System Deployment

GrandCare Systems began system deployment in 2006. Since then, hundreds of GrandCare Systems have been placed in private homes, private apartments, group homes, and assisted living facilities. They have also been purchased by GC Partners for demonstration, testing, and live implementation for residents including the aged, individuals with disabilities, and people managing their own chronic conditions.