Communications can be added to the GrandCare System screen remotely by numerous caregivers (family, friends, health providers, etc) via the online GrandCare Portal. The system contains a web-based interface for messages with variable times, email, full featured calendar, picture uploading wizard, Facebook picture feed integration, care notes (distributed to entire care network). Systems come with stock photos, trivia, spiritual offerings, weather reports, news headlines, word definitions, music, nostalgia items (e.g. sport events from 1951), along with numerous options such as background color, speed of banners, picture showing time, etc.

A broad variety of sensors and devices are available to choose from, allowing the full customization of each system. Unobtrusive activity (ADL) monitoring sensors (such as motion, door, temperature, bed, and caller-id) report wirelessly to the GrandCare System located in the residence.’

The GrandCare System uses a variety of non-invasive sensors to accurately monitor the daily activities of a resident without impeding their lifestyle, privacy, or negatively affecting the aesthetics of the home.

GC HomeBase

Interactive Home Model

An all-in-one touchscreen system with built-in microphone and web camera. This system provides a full range of monitoring and an age appropriate, easy to use, touch interface for the Resident.

GC Como

Non-interactive Home Model

A low-cost, set-top system with an optional passive display to a TV, and full range of monitoring. A great option for Residents who cannot take advantage of touchscreen features.