Our System

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The GrandCare System is connected to any dedicated Internet connection and communicates with wireless sensors throughout the residence.

Designated caregivers log into the GrandCare website to send communications to the loved one, view activity graphs, access digital health and medication information, and customize automated rules and alerts.

A caregiver may choose to receive a call, email, or text message if specified conditions occur.

Actions and Rules

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For every kind of rule, a series of system-generated actions are possible. These rules are set up by the primary caregivers using simple, easy-to-use selection lists.

The caregiver has full control over the actions the system will take when a designated event occurs (e.g. a phone call to a neighbor if the front door opens during the night).


System-generated Actions Include:


Phone Calls:

Voice synthesis phone calls can be made to caregivers or the loved one. Any message can be added (e.g. medication cabinet was not accessed, blood pressure was taken, time to take your heart medication, etc.).


Rule-based messages display on the GrandCare touchscreen with optional voice recordings.


Automated emails can be sent to the caregiver or loved one, with alert statuses. Emails to the loved one appear in Letters on the GrandCare touchscreen.

Text Messages:

Automated text messages can be sent to caregivers with alert statuses.