Ed Thelen Testimonial Picture

Ed Thelen, Interview on Kare11 News

Magic Window to a Healthier World

In his apartment in Cold Spring, Ed Thelen now has this magic window to a healthier world. As he touched a picture of a camera on his GrandCare touch screen he said, “My favorite thing is merely touching this little thing and having all these beautiful people available to me.”

He’s talking about being able to talk to his three kids and six grandkids through a simple touch screen version of Skype. He said it has been beneficial to his emotional health. This system has kind of re-birthed me, so to speak.”

Kare11 News

Jene Testimonial Picture

2010 CBS Early Show Interview on Jean & Carol

Six Years and Counting

“In late 2005, my mom started experiencing Petit Mal Seizures during the night. The after effect would be disorientation and confusion, which worried our family and her doctors. We were advised that her only option was assisted living. Mom found that idea to be absolutely abhorrent. She was physically fit, mentally acute and a fiercely independent person.

Mom was the one that found GrandCare Systems online back in late 2005 and we decided to give it a shot and see if it might help us to keep her home for a little bit longer, although we had no idea it would be 6+ years longer.”

Carol Burkhart,
Daytona Beach Florida

Harper Testimonial Picture

Ken & Sophie’s Christmas experience with HTG and GrandCare

Love and Empowerment

“Does everyone in your family trust the healthcare system?

Regardless of the answer, we know that everyone in your family will trust the GrandCare system. We all agree life is good and helping others help themselves is just right to do. This is must have product for family stability. The love and empowerment this provides needs to be experienced to believe it. The learning curve is minimal. If you desire to save money on homecare, look no further. XO”

Jude Harper RCDD/NTS/TLT, Owner,
Harper Technology Group

Jill Testimonial Picture

Intuitive and Easy to Use

“I’ve now been personally working with GrandCare and their products for coming up on three years, and I can adamantly say the Home Base System is fantastic! I love seeing eyes light up with excitement as they scan through the communication options on the Touchscreen. It is very intuitive and easy to use; perfect for those uninterested in computers. With the ADL monitoring and telehealth recordings this system provides tremendous emotional, mental, and financial value.”

Jill Kerr, Home Health Tech Division Manager,
Home Controls, Inc.

A Win-Win Solution

“The ability to remotely monitor a loved one gives a peace of mind that is impossible to measure. GrandCare was an ideal solution for our family. It allowed us to monitor dad’s blood pressure and weight as well as his movements around the home, especially during the night. Not only were we able to see what was happening with him, he also had access to the information as well, and much more.

GrandCare allowed dad to get off his feet a few times each day to take his blood pressure, play a game of solitaire, read up on world and local news, check the weather report, and even surf the Internet via YouTube. This provided him with bits of respite that he needed but would not normally allow himself to take.

Thank you for providing us the “window” into dad’s health issues, even though we were on another island. We were able to better appreciate what he was going through. We were able to respond quickly to changes in his overall health and thus provide his physicians with accurate information.

It was a win-win solution for our family. I believe his quality of life was enhanced during the last six months of his life.”

Kay (daughter) from Hawaii

Carol Testimonial Picture

Instant Results. Our First Installation, 2006.

“I think this is such a great product and it really has given me and Mom something productive to do….I think we both sorta miss working/contributing and I KNOW it is a great diversion……when one has a chronic illness, the more you do to stay occupied, the less you focus on pain, fatigue, nausea or whatever. Neither Mom nor I have any difficulty working out problems with the system….it makes us feel like we’re doing something that will one day benefit others…..

Thx for working with me about Mom…..I promise you this experience will prepare you for many other families and how to best handle situations like mine….a mom smarter than you could ever detect at this time and who wants to maintain her independence and needs time to accept these changes to her mind and body that she hates. Mom will give you 1000%…..you have given her something useful and productive to do again”

Carol, Florida

Jean Testimonial Picture

Relief for my Children

“I am so happy that I found GrandCare Systems… I have been very concerned about the worry my physical problems and living alone is causing my family, especially my daughter. To alleviate that I would have to consider not continuing to live independently and moving to a facility of some sort. That possibility is abhorrent to me. I think GrandCare monitoring will take care of me and will relieve my three children of a lot of their worry. It will allow my daughter to live her own life more freely. Thank you for all the time, talent and labor the GrandCare family has spent to create this system.”

Jean, Daytona Beach

A ‘Window’ in to the Home

“My mother lives alone in Colorado, but doesn’t need or want someone in her home 24 hours a day, not to mention that that is a very expensive option. The “monitor” she wears around her neck works well if she is able and chooses to use it, but at this point we need something more. She is very independent, but her physical abilities don’t support her own view of what she should be able to do. She was unable to get up after a fall and decided not to push the button to call for help because she didn’t want to bother a neighbor. When I call and her phone is busy for more than an hour, I don’t know if I should call 911 or if she had her phone on her bed and rolled over turning it on. Did she fall and just needs help getting up or is she unconscious and needs immediate medical attention? I need a “window” into her home and the GrandCare system will give me that and the information that will help me to make these decisions.”

Janet K.