AAHSA IDEA HOUSE – from an exhibitor’s perspective

I just read a blog on the AAHSA Idea house, which GrandCare participated in the last few days in Chicago. (http://www.seniorlivinginfo.com/senior_living_information/2009/11/touring-the-aahsa-idea-house.html#tpe-action-posted-6a00d834537bbc69e20120a68e040e970b)

It made me really think about how awesome it was to be a part of such innovation…to be a part of something that is changing the way we live. We are mapping out the territory as we go.

Being around and talking with these individuals re-emphasized how many passionate, forward-thinking, innovative individuals there are in this industry. People who have put it all out there, risked a whole lot to try and educate the world on the future of aging. That there is no reason that anyone should ever feel socially isolated and alone in this technology age. That our loved ones should be prompted to take medications at the right time, in the right dose. That people can remain active and independent, right at home. That if a family member does fall, a caregiver could know IMMEDIATELY and respond accordingly – or perhaps even more importantly – be able to prevent such a fall from happening in the first place.

So many exciting innovations that are ALREADY out there – AVAILABLE to the early-adopters. Those who realize that technology is changing the way we age, and for the better.


Laura Mitchell
GrandCare Systems – AAHSA IDEA HOUSE