About GrandCare

GrandCare envisions a future where all are able to remain independent and connected to family and friends.


Charlie Hillman was shaken by a close call with his great aunt Clara in the early 1990s. When he stopped in to check on her he discovered she had her windows open due to smoke and a strong burning smell. Upon investigating it was discovered that there were flames coming from the furnace. Clara later admitted that she had been hearing strange noises in the basement and enduring temperature swings in her home for weeks. She had said nothing about it because she “didn’t want to bother anyone.”

Charlie knew there were many others who could benefit from a user-friendly system to help keep their loved ones safe. Unable to find a solution on the market, he began to design his own. By 1995, Clara’s home was outfitted with a simple system of basic sensors, allowing her to remain safe and to continue living independently at home. Years later, the widespread availability of the Internet and wireless sensors helped to turn Charlie’s early vision into a modern reality. He began developing the GrandCare System in 2003, beta-tested the product in 2005, and brought an early version of GrandCare to market in late 2006.


We believe that people have the right to empower themselves with enabling technologies to stay healthy, safe, and happy at home.


GrandCare Systems addresses the societal need to reduce the cost of chronic conditions, and long term, post-acute, and hospice care, by providing a fully-featured, residential home system to support aging and healing in place.


GrandCare is committed to the highest quality standards for its operations and products. Our products are developed and produced using ISO-13485 and CMDCAS-certified processes, and carry a CE Mark.

Our representatives are well-versed in the needs of our customers and are dedicated to making each GrandCare experience exceptional.

Whether we are assisting a family caregiver utilizing a system for a loved one, or a corporate customer in the homecare field operating multiple resident systems, we at GrandCare are dedicated to providing the best in customer satisfaction.
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