How-Tos for Family Caregivers

Someone you know got a GrandCare. Now what?

How do you GrandCare?

Someone you care about just got a GrandCare touchscreen. Pretty cool. But how can you, as a family member or friend, get in on the action? Take a look at the instructional videos on this page. They show how you can use GrandCare to share photos, send messages, make to-do reminders, place a video call, and more! And don’t forget to download the GrandCare app for iPhone. It’s available free on the App Store. All you need to get started is a PC, laptop, or any internet connected device. Welcome to GrandCare!

A GrandCare Overview For Families


Getting Started

Just starting out? You need to get logged in to the GrandCare caregivers web portal. It starts with your account activation email. Here’s what to do.

Calendars & To-Dos

Every GrandCare has a calendar so it can remind your loved one about things like doctor appointments or family visits. But it also has To-Do items, which can guide your loved one through their day with gentle reminders.


When your loved one is not touching the GrandCare touchscreen, it displays photos and other items of interest. What are those items? You get to choose them. Here’s how it all works.


You can share digital photos right to the GrandCare touchscreen. Send them from your PC or laptop or, with our free mobile app, from your iPhone. 

Video Calls

You can place video calls to, or receive video calls from, the GrandCare touchscreen. All you need is a compatible web browser or our free iOS app to get started. Here’s how it all happens. 


Need to send a quick message to the GrandCare touchscreen? With Messages you can send it through our iOS app or your PC or laptop. 


For two-way correspondence, you need GrandCare’s Letters feature. It works a lot like email, but it’s way better than email. Click here to learn more about it.

Med Reminders

Most people could use a friendly reminder when its time to take their medication. Just tell GrandCare what your loved one is supposed to take and when, and you’re all set. Click to learn more.

Add Users

Do you have other family members who would like to get in on this GrandCare thing? You can invite them! This is how you add Users to your GrandCare.

Activity Monitoring

GrandCare can  use wireless motion and door sensors so you can know if your loved one is up and about–or if they aren’t. You can know if they are accessing the kitchen at mealtimes– or if they aren’t. This video shows how it works.

NEW! Xavier University research on GrandCare-powered smart home for people with disabilities.See their findings