Touchscreen Setup and Tour

Quick Start Guide

Click here to download the GrandCare Quick Start Guide. This Guide is also included in the box with your touchscreen. It shows how to get your touchscreen connected to the internet, how to get help when you need it, and provides a tour of the touchscreen. The video on the right shows how to plug it in and turn it on. 

Setup Wizard

After your GrandCare is plugged in and turned on, the on-screen Setup Wizard will help you get connected to the internet. Note: There are two methods of connecting to the internet. Most people will browse for their home WiFi as shown in the video. However, some people’s GrandCare will come with a GrandCare “Connector,”¬†providing internet service through a 4G cellular hotspot.

Touchscreen Tour

Starting on page six, the Quick Start Guide provides an explanation of each button on the GrandCare touchscreen. The video on the right also provides walks you through each button on the touchscreen.

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