Family Caregiving Program

GrandCare enables designated family members and caregivers to remotely care for a loved one, regardless of geographic location.

The heart of GrandCare is a large touchscreen appliance in the loved one’s residence. No computer or technical skills are needed. To your loved one, GrandCare is information, socialization, family interaction, games, and music. Family members can log into the online GrandCare portal to video chat, add messages and pictures, create to-do lists, and add medication reminders. Your loved one doesn’t even need to touch the GrandCare screen for it to do its job.

Wireless activity and telehealth devices can be added a la carte to any GrandCare touchscreen. It can send email, phone, and text notifications to caregivers regarding specified events (e.g. didn’t get out of bed, didn’t take blood pressure reading, failed to open the fridge at mealtime, etc.)

My favorite thing is merely touching this little thing and having all these beautiful people available to me. I now have access to my grandchildren. Everything I was missing out on, I can see now. It has rebirthed me, so to speak.

Ed Thelen

Private Home Resident

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