In-Home Care Services For Seniors

in-home care services for seniors

GrandCare for In-Home Professsional Care

Enhance your in-home caregiving organization with GrandCare’s remote activity monitoring, remote vitals monitoring and telehealth video conferencing.


in-home care services for seniors
In-home elderly care

GrandCare for Senior Communities

Community-wide messaging and calendaring are just the beginning. Now residents can connect to remote family with our secure video conferencing technology. Seniors in your community will be happier and better connected than ever before.


Assistive technology for disability service providers

GrandCare for Disability Service Providers

GrandCare empowers and engages individuals with developmental disabilities, allowing them to live more independently and connected, without sacrificing safety.

Assistive technology for disability service providers
home care assistance

GrandCare for Family Caregiving

GrandCare enables loved ones to remain safe and independent with family communication, activity monitoring, medication management and more.


GrandCare is designed to keep individuals safer, happier, and more actively involved in their own care. GrandCare offers models for family caregivers, senior housing organizations, professional at home caregivers and disability providers.

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NEW! Xavier University research on GrandCare-powered smart home for people with disabilities.See their findings