GrandCare Key Features

GrandCare is unique. Each installation can be customized to fit every senior’s needs. And as those needs change over time, so does GrandCare. You don’t need one solution for activity monitoring, another for health concerns, and a third for family connectivity. With GrandCare, you can have all the things you need and none that you don’t. That’s why GrandCare is the number one choice of home health providers, family caregivers, senior communities, and more.

Activity Monitoring

Did mom get out of bed this morning? Did the front door open at an odd time? With GrandCare, you can be alerted to a variety of situations like these–all while respecting the privacy of your senior.

Motion Sensors

Whether you just want to know if Mrs. Rodriguez got up in the morning or if there is unusual activity in the middle of the night, GrandCare’s motion sensors can let you know if something is wrong.

Contact Sensors

Has Mrs. Smith wandered out the front door in the middle of the night? Did her caregiver arrive in the morning? With GrandCare, you know.

Action Buttons

GrandCare supports on-screen, wearable, and wall-mounted push buttons. From “I’m OK” to “give me a call later” to “I need immediate help,” your senior can alert you right away.

Wellness Monitoring

Many seniors have to take regular wellness readings to manage chronic health conditions. Whether it’s diabetes, hypertension, CHF, or COPD, GrandCare’s wireless health devices can help. GrandCare can remind seniors to take the required readings. And it can alert caregivers if they have–or have not–been taken. It can also alert caregivers if the readings are problematic.

Blood Pressure

Weight Scale


Ear Thermometer


Communication and Socialization

A home care provider who comes on Mondays and Fridays can do a virtual check-in on Wednesday. A daughter can invite mom for lunch on Thursday. And a grandson can share Facebook photos with grandma. GrandCare provides a wide variety of tools to keep your senior connected.

Video Calling

Whether you’re a healthcare professional who needs a remote HIPAA-compliant consultation, or a family member who just wants to video call in to see how Dad’s doing, GrandCare has you covered. Don’t forget GrandCare Mobile now allows you to video call and more, right from your iPhone.

Photos and Videos

Whether you’re sharing the latest funny cat video from YouTube or providing hospital-to-home instructions, GrandCare can help. You can even have GrandCare automatically pull photographs from any authorized Facebook account.


Letters can be sent to GrandCare from any authorized caregiver or family member. Your senior can reply using the touchscreen. GrandCare Letters are not email. It is a closed messaging system, making spam messages impossible.

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