Online Affiliate Training

All new for 2019!

GrandCare Affiliate Training is online and all new for 2019. Now you and your entire staff can go through GrandCare Certified Affiliate Training online and at your own pace. There are many hours of video instruction, hands-on assignments, quizzes, discussions and more.

What you need.

Have you got a Chrome web browser, a broadband internet connection, and a thirst for knowledge? That’s all you need to participate. No matter your level of technical savvy, you’ll feel right at home as GrandCare experts guide you through each and every aspect of the product.


What you'll learn.

Getting Started

This introductory module includes information on GrandCare’s history as a company, how to get help during training and after, activating your account in the caregiver’s web portal, and more. It also introduces participants to the kind of quizzes and discussions found throughout the course.


This module includes how-to instruction on doing letters, photos, video calling, calendaring, messaging, and more. After absorbing all this, doing the accompanying assignment, and taking the quiz, you’ll be an expert in GrandCare’s socialization features.

Activity Monitoring

In this module you’ll find lessons about the two wireless protocols GrandCare can use for activity monitoring and environmental sensing. You’ll also learn about the various motion, door, and other sensors GrandCare can use. You’ll create rules for these sensors and you’ll also learn what these sensors can–and cannot–do for your customers.


This training module contains important information about HIPAA and privacy as well as the most common chronic health conditions GrandCare customers may be managing. There is also instruction on pairing health devices, creating rules, using assessments, and setting up medication reminders.

Community Features

Here you’ll learn all about the suite of features we’ve designed just for senior living communities. There’s resident check-in buttons, community messaging, community calendaring, and a resident directory right on the touchscreen. There’s also dining information, transportation schedules, and even concierge-style service requests right on each GrandCare touchscreen.


This module helps you understand how to use and manage care portal features like user roles, groups, reporting and analytics, as well as how to set up care plan tasks for on-site caregivers. There is also instruction for how to repurpose a GrandCare unit that has previously been used by someone else.

In-Person Training

Need that face-to-face interaction?
We do offer in-person training. GrandCare staff can come to your location and provide a three day training course for up to 12 people.

This training was well worth it!

“When I discovered GrandCare, I knew it was a system I wanted to add to my existing services. I was a bit hesitant to take the week from my busy schedule and travel to WI, but I’m very happy I did. The training was very beneficial to me, and being there in person made a huge difference in how I grasped the system, since it was so hands-on. It also meant that I got to meet the whole staff which I will ultimately be working with. The entire crew there was very helpful and hospitable. Another advantage of attending was meeting and brainstorming with the other attendees, and learning how they plan on implementing GrandCare in their businesses. This training was well worth it!” GC Affiiate from Louisville

Sample Schedule

First Day:

10:00 (.5 hr)    Welcome and Introductions

10:30 (1 hr)      Getting Started: Resources, and Overview, Out of Box Experience, The Touchscreen, Logging In

11:30 (1 hr)      The Connected Life: Socialization
(12:15) Lab Introduction

12:30 (1 hr)      Break

01:30 (.5 hr)    Enrichment: Regulations – FDA, HIPAA, and CE Mark

02:00 (1 hr)      Open Lab: Touchscreen and Socialization

03:00 (.5 hr)    Lab Review: Touchscreen and Socialization

03:30 (1 hr)      Enrichment: Disrupted Demographics and Competitive Landscape

04:30                  Adjourn –

04:30                  Meet and Greet

Second Day:

09:00 (1 hr)      Chronic Conditions and Reimbursements

10:00 (1 hr)      The Digital Patient: Telehealth and Telemedicine

(10:45) Lab Introduction

11:00 (1 hr)      Open Lab: Wellness and Telehealth

12:00 (1 hr)      Break

01:00 (.5 hr)    Lab Review: Wellness and Telehealth

01:30 (1 hr)      Enrichment:  Sales and Marketing

02:30 (1 hr)      Take Action: Remote ADL Monitoring

(03:15) Lab Introduction

03:30 (1 hr)      Open Lab: Remote ADL Monitoring

04:30 (.5 hr)    Lab Review: Remote ADL


05:00                  Adjourn –

Last Day:

09:00 (1 hr)      Enrichment: From Dimes to Dollars

10:00 (1 hr)      Care Portal: Users, Enterprise Dashboard, and Community Features
(10:45) Lab Introduction

11:00 (1 hr)      Open Lab: Care Portal

12:00 (1 hr)      Break

01:00 (.5 hr)    Lab Review: Care Portal

02:00 (1 hr)      Wipe & Reload & Implementation

03:00 (.5 hr)    Training Review, Closing Surveys, Q&A

3:30                    Adjourn –

3:30                    Farewell

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