Activity Sensors

Caregivers have full control over the Alerts and Notifications a system will generate if the sensors detect unusual activity or a specified event. Activity reports are available on the Care Portal to aid caregivers in understanding daily behavior patterns and tracking changes in routine.

Motion Sensor Picture

Motion Sensors

Daily and weekly graphingDetect patterns of motion

Was the kitchen accessed at meal time?
Does increased/decreased or excessive motion indicate a potential problem?

Available Motion Rules:
— No, Any, Next, Excessive, and Wandering motion

  • If there is No motion in kitchen from 8am to noon, email daughter.
  • If Any motion is detected at the foot of bed at night, turn on the bathroom light.
  • If there is Excessive motion in bathroom for more than 15 minutes between 10pm and 6am, contact Emergency Call List.
  • If Wandering motion is detected in the home, call daughter.

Door Sensors

Daily graphingUsed for doors, windows, cabinets, drawers, refrigerators

Door Sensor Picture
Did the caregiver arrive on time?
Did the front door open during the night?

Available Door Rules:
— Opened, Not Opened, and Next Open

  • If door is Opened from 10pm to 6am, call neighbor.
  • If the pill cabinet is Not Opened between 8-10am, send a reminder call to the Resident.
  • On the Next Open of the front door, call daughter at work (the Caregiver has arrived).
  • If door is Not Opened between 10-11am call Supervisor (the Caregiver has not arrived).

Bed and Chair Sensors

Nightly graphingSleeping patterns or when a loved one leaves bed at night

Available Bed and Chair Rules:
— In Bed, Out of Bed

  • If nobody is In Bed for more than 45 minutes between 10pm and 6am, text night nurse
    (Resident got up and didn’t return to bed).

Pendant Picture

Fixed Buttons or Wearable Pendants

Each button can be assigned various actions

Not intended for use as a PERS or crisis management device.

Button and Pendant Rules:

— Pushed, Not Pushed

  • If nightlight button is Pushed, turn on light.
  • If contact-me button is Pushed, text daughter.
  • If wake-up button is Not Pushed between 7-9am, email front desk.