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GrandCare is a suite of technologies designed to reduce costs and improve outcomes by enabling family members, caregivers and healthcare professionals to monitor and care for seniors remotely. The heart of GrandCare is a large touchscreen which can provide activity and health monitoring, medication prompts, as well as easy communication. No computer skills are needed for the resident to fully engage in all of the touchscreen features.

What can GrandCare do for you?


Wireless health devices, interactive assessments, and medication management tools at your fingertips.


Wireless activity sensors monitor daily activities without sacrificing resident independence or privacy.


Residents can instantly access video chat, photos, letters, and calendar events from family and caregivers.

GrandCare Programs

GrandCare’s flexible and comprehensive platform can be optimized for a variety of needs. Whether you’re a home health agency, senior living community, or hospice provider, GrandCare can help you do what you do even better.

Anytime… Anywhere

Access the Care Portal from ANY Internet connected device.
  • Customize system rules and alerts
  • Check daily activities
  • Add communications to the touchscreen
  • Access health and wellness data

GrandCare Affiliate Training

Need to get your new team members up-to-speed on your GrandCare program? Want to learn more about the depth of this technology and how you can apply it to your digital health business? Come to one of our affiliate training sessions! Seating is limited to provide an individualized, hands-on experience, so sign up today.


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