The Very Best in Caregiving


The Very Best in Caregiving Technology

GrandCare combines activity monitoring, telehealth, medication management and social

connection into one comprehensive caregiving technology.

GrandCare combines activity monitoring, telehealth, medication management and social connection into one comprehensive caregiving technology.


Wireless health devices, interactive assessments, and medication management tools at your fingertips.

Activity Monitoring

Wireless activity sensors monitor daily activities without sacrificing resident independence or privacy.


Social Engagement

Residents can instantly access video chat, photos, letters, and calendar events from family and caregivers.

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“GrandCare has changed the way we offer care. We use it to remotely monitor our clients’ vitals and quickly identify if a physical nursing visit is needed. It’s been a Godsend for our hospice clients who use it for end-of-life conversations.” – Cadi Merten, LPN

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Technology-Powered HomeCare: How to Get Started

Good technology can help you expand your services without adding more staff. Join GrandCare Systems for a free webinar to find out how!

Laura Mitchell Interviewed on CEDIA Podcast

Didn't catch Laura's big interview on the CEDIA podcast? You're in luck. Here's the whole thing for your listening pleasure!

You Gotta Let me Know… Should I Stay or Should I Go Now…

At GrandCare we love receiving stories like this one, about how technology like GrandCare can be used to help seniors stay independent, and in their own homes. We thought you'd love it too. My dad and I are very close. He is still active and tons of fun, but he’s...

Laura Mitchell Presents On Technology-Infused Aging at CEDIA

GrandCare CEO Laura Mitchell will be flying to Denver for the 2019 CEDIA Expo. Laura has been asked to share her expertise on smart technologies and aging

GrandCare CEO to Speak at Connected Health Summit

Over 60 percent of American seniors (65 and older) use the internet on a daily basis. Around four out of ten seniors say they have a smartphone. Acknowledging this, home service providers, home builders, in-home care agencies and retailers have now started to think of...

Stay Safe During These Hot Times in the City

Well, here we are. After a winter that seemed not to end (at least here in Wisconsin), we are finally seeing some warm temperatures. And Mother Nature couldn’t just do a general warm day.  No, she had to go from frigid winter temperatures right into the 80s and even...

GrandCare Featured on Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline

ura Mitchell discuss GrandCare’s innovative remote monitoring, video chat, and socialization technology for seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Technology for In-Home Care: Show Me the Money!

We all know the statistics about the rising aging population, caregiver burnout and staff turnover–especially caregiving staff for home care providers. Companies are looking to technology to help. The question is not if technology can help. It’s how to implement it, how to price it, and how to make money with it. What is the ROI? We have thought a lot about this, and in this webinar we have the answers you are looking for.

GrandCare is Making Headlines

GrandCare has been making the news! Today, we were featured on The Morning Blend on TMJ4, today. Last week, GrandCare CEO Laura Mitchell was interviewed by

GrandCare Systems Selects New Chief Executive Officer, Executive Team

Remote patient monitoring and virtual caregiving technology pioneer GrandCare Systems announced today the appointment of GrandCare founding member and board director Laura Mitchell as GrandCare’s new Chief Executive Officer. Mitchell replaces the current CEO, Charles...

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In senior care, video calls save lives.

Video calls save lives

Video calls are a feature of modern life, but can they save your life?

Technology can keep seniors safe, healthy, and connected.

Does it work? Yep. And now we can prove it.

We have always believed that technology could keep seniors safe, healthy, and connected.

She refused any and all care. That is, until she met GrandCare.

She refused any and all care. That is, until she met GrandCare.

GrandCare provided value for her and her caregivers.