Socialization Features

TouchScreen Image
From the online GrandCare portal, designated caregivers can add personalized photos, messages, reminders, videos, favorite music, and more right to the touchscreen inside the loved one’s home. It’s easy to set up a Facebook feed, so a loved one can automatically see specified Facebook photo albums from family and friends. One-button video chat (utilizing Skype) can also be set up to easily connect the generations.


Each GrandCare System comes preloaded with optional stock photos, card and board games, trivia, brain exercises, spiritual offerings, weather reports, news headlines, word definitions, music and nostalgic “did you know” information. Family can also add video and music links, specific news and websites, and more.

Main Menu Buttons:


Appointments and events available in monthly and daily views.


Residents receive electronic notes from family members and Caregivers. Residents can reply to letters with a full touchscreen keyboard.


Brief onscreen message that allows optional audio recordings.

Video Chat

Skype video chat. Contacts are white-listed for safety. The system can be set up to auto answer calls.


Headlines with links to full articles and weather, which are updated regularly.


Images can be browsed on touchscreen.


Favorite websites specified by remote Caregivers, designed to block pop up windows for a simple and secure experience.


Solitaire, MasterMind, Checkers, Tic-Tac-Toe. Many Internet games can be added as well.

Brain Exercises

Trivia, fun brain teasers, and word definitions.

Music Programs

Powered by CoroHealth, streaming music, designed to be therapeutic. Includes big band, country, jazz and early rock n’ roll.


Links to YouTube and other web based videos.

Caller ID

See call history, including images of known callers.


Includes a simple drawing application and calculator.


Readings from health devices and interactive assessments


Displays an interactive list of the loved one’s medications, including images, instructions, prescription IDs, and dosage schedule.


Multiple choice questions answered by the Resident can aid Caregivers in managing chronic conditions.


Add Care Notes directly on the touchscreen, and assign health readings to residents.