Technology to “AGE RESPONSIBLY”. Smart People use Smart Technology!

Technology can enhance the way we live today. We use technology in almost everything we do. If you drove to work today, you already used a computer (car). If you checked your messages, sent emails, typed in information, are reading this, etc…you are using computers to complete every day tasks.

Tonight when you go home to watch a show on DVR (computer) or listen to your IPOD, think about why we enjoy all of these technologies, yet shy away when these same technologies can be used to enhance a loved one’s life, keep him/her independent, living at home and happy!

GrandCare Systems is just one example of an enabling technology solution. GrandCare is a communication, cognition and monitoring technology designed to keep individuals safe, happy, healthy and connected to family, while staying at home!

GrandCare utilizes a variety of wireless telewellness, activity and cognition sensors to let the care-partners know that all is well. If not, they can easily receive a phone call, email or text alert. Care-partners can also digitally send pictures, messages, emails, med reminders, calendar events, family videos, favorite music, trivia, weather reports and more to a dedicated communication portal. We call this feature the Communication Station.

We would never consider driving anywhere with children in the car (without a car seat). We don’t expect to get into an accident, but we’re certainly going to be prepared. Why wouldn’t we be prepared for ourselves and our parents? It’s time we “age responsibly” and take care of ourselves and our loved ones.