“Elders Are in Danger” http://boomerauthority.ning.com/profiles/blogs/our-elders-are-in-danger

I read Jack Halpern’s blog today: Elders Are in Danger

It really made me start to think about the reasons we keep tabs on mom and dad. Not only to make sure they are healthy, happy and safe, but also we should be making sure that if they are in the care of someone else, that everything is as it should be.

We have heard the caregiver horror stories. We allow someone else to care for our loved one and things aren’t how they should be – perhaps they aren’t being talked to, fed, groomed or cared for?
We don’t need to rely on faith anymore! The family can be involved remotely – with the technologies we have available. You can use the remote monitoring tech solutions to make sure your loved one is taking care of himself/herself, but also to make sure that the caregivers and nursing staff are doing what they are “supposed” to be doing. Know that your loved one ate, drank, went to the bathroom, got out of bed, left the room, etc. This is all possible whether they are in the comfort of their own home or at a facility – – when this happens, there’s no reason that we should blindly have faith that they are going to love our parents like we do. we need to be proactive and ENSURE that our loved ones are receiving top-notch care that we are PAYING for. Elder neglect can happen and a loved one might not even be able to express it. We would certainly NEVER allow our children in a daycare center if we weren’t CERTAIN they were receiving the best care and being attended to. Why not put up the same standards for our parents. We have the technology to take matters into our own hands. Be in control of our own fate – our parent’s fate! They are counting on us!!