Today’s conference call: Med Adherence

Leveraging Technology to Simplify Medication Management, by Jerry Hahn

Mr. Hahn entered the telehealth industry in 2003 after spending most of his career developing space shuttle, robotic, and a wide array of automated systems.  His early experience has served him well enabling him to leverage his automation background into the development of MedSignals, a state of the art, talking, communicating, intelligent, portable medication management device and system.

When used by a patient, MedSignals automatically captures medication adherence detail and forwards it to a server that supports remote monitoring and caregiver alerts.  MedSignals remote management also enables an authorized caregiver to adjust MedSignals regimens on the system and to download new settings to the patient’s device.

2pm EDT Thursday July 23rd Dial: 269-320-8200 Pin: 968410

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