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Topic: Free and Do It Yourself – Top Tools for Online Marketing by Brian Offenberger

“Brian Offenberger is a certified internet marketing expert and the owner of Right On – No Bull Marketing, an internet marketing agency helping small and mid-size companies rev up online sales. His radio show, Online Marketing with RSS Ray, is heard by nearly 100,000 people each week, and can be heard on the internet’s largest talk radio station. His book, Right On – No Bull Marketing, will be release in early 2010.”

Thursday September 3rd 2009 at 2pm EDT/1pm CDT/12n MDT/11a PDT
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Low on budget? You can still evaluate your online marketing with these key do-it-yourself tools.
Best of all, they’re free! Online marketing expert Brian Offenberger shares:
– Free tools that let you see exactly what Google sees when it indexes your website
– Free tools to help you select the keywords most profitable to your business
– Free ways to identify link partners, find broken links, check page rank and more
– Eight free ways to spy on your competition — The power of using common Internet tools in uncommon ways.

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