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10-08-09 Topic, 2pm EDT: From Dimes to Dollars: Marketing & Sales tools

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1. Call Introduction & Announcements
2. TOPIC: Marketing on the Cheap
Laura Mitchell from GrandCare Systems presents a low cost way to get your brand and technology OUT THERE without spending the big bucks.

Laura Mitchell, Business Relationship Specialist, has been with GrandCare Systems since January 2005. Her responsibilities include sales, marketing, PR and business relationships (including dealers). Mitchell created & hosts these weekly aging & technology conference calls.
Laura graduated from University of
Wisconsin-Madison and lives in Wisconsin with her husband and two small children.

3. Question/Answer Session

This call is brought to you by smart in-home wellness technology, GrandCare Systems:
http://www.facebook.com/l/8043a;www.grandcare.com The intent of this conference call is to gather a group of visionary individuals, increase awareness of this industry, learn, grow and to network. These calls are open to anyone and everyone FOR FREE!

Laura Mitchell
GrandCare Systems

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