Caregiver Systems for Aging Seniors and Chronic Conditions

Nice article by Home Controls: Caregiver Systems (Strategic Distribution Partner for GrandCare Systems)

Caregiver Systems for Aging Seniors and Chronic Conditions

bioAuthor: Cheryl Kerr, Home Controls Inc.

1) Tell us about the new division Home Controls just launched, Caregiver Systems
Caregiver Systems by Home Controls is an exciting opportunity to help aging seniors and people with chronic illnesses stay independent in their own homes longer than ever before. We feature innovative technology that takes an important step beyond typical home automation.

Dealers will recognize the usual activity monitoring, automatic alerts and 2-way touchscreen communication, but now there are fully integrated wellness devices, reporting, cognitive tools and much more.

In fact, the long list of features and affordable pricing opens up multiple markets including In-home Care Providers and Assisted Living Facilities (ALF) themselves. The feedback we’re receiving is positive across the board…

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