Who: Carol Marak of CareBuzz

What: Positioning Your Business for Top Organic Rankings ONLINE
Before spending a bunch of money planning your Internet strategy, learn how to research what buyers in your area are looking for when seeking your service/product. Don’t just randomly throw money at Google and a website hoping people will find you… Be strategic.

When: Date Dec 17th, 2pm EST/1p CST

Go to:
Meeting Room: GrandCare

Why: These webinars are open to ALL and hosted every week to educate, learn from each other, network with each other and have a good time!
Remember, THE UPCOMING AGING TSUNAMI will float all boats! Let’s join together and MAKE A SPLASH in the aging and technology industry!!!

This call is hosted by GrandCare Systems, a sensor-based Wise Home technology that marries social connectivity, wellness assessment, ADL monitoring and cognitive assists into ONE easy-to-use Technology. More info:


Laura Mitchell
Aging/Tech Call Coordinator & Host

GrandCare is now accepting dealers. Email: for more information

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