Worthington Distribution Becomes an authorized GrandCare System Distributor

“In the United States the elderly community will be increasing from 45 million to 77 million as the baby boomers continue to age. Today two thirds of all people that have ever lived to 65 years are currently alive! And one in four people are responsible for caring for an elder. It stops and makes you think how we are going to provide care and support for our elderly family members. Technology will provide a major role, and the leader in home support systems is GrandCare. This unique system uses aspects of home automation, remote monitoring, wellness management, online social networking and human interaction to allow the aging population to stay in their own homes longer. All play a vital role in proper care and provide a level of independence desired by many individuals in their golden years. GrandCare is available to certified dealers.

We are now signing up and training new dealers. The next training is August 23, 2010 in Tafton, PA. To learn more about GrandCare systems we have posted a 30 minute overview available here”

For more info: http://www.worthingtondistribution.com/blog/