Living Well at Home – Assisted-living company uses GrandCare technology to monitor elders at home


…Technology used to monitor elders at home

Living Well co-founder and CEO Tessa ten Tusscher said the company provides an assortment of in-home support for elders. The Mill Valley resident co-founded the company with Doris Bersing, Ph.D., an authority on diversity and aging.

Technology plays a pivotal role in the organization, as each client has a webpage the caregivers and family members can use to look at schedules and medical information, and communicate with one another.

Living Well offers an in-house technology system with options that include monitoring the resident’s movement (with motion and door sensors), screening phone calls and turning off lights…

The sensors can track basic behavior and be set up to call a certain person, or emergency officials, if someone deviates significantly (spends more than 30 minutes in the bathroom, doesn’t come downstairs in the morning)

Travis Woods, Living Well’s technology consultant, set up the software (called GrandCare). He said the touch-screen computer system people would have in their homes also has games, e-mail, a Web browser and capability for relatives to share photos.

Tusscher said that while some people may feel the technology is too intrusive, it provides a round-the-clock monitoring system that diminished the need to pay for someone in the home 24 hours a day…
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