RECORDED TOUR of the GrandCare System!!!!

Did you miss today’s GrandCare Tour???  Below is some information that we went over during the TOUR!!!

Good news!  We have recorded it for your viewing!!!!!!! View and/or download HERE!

5-11-11 GrandCare TOUR Bus STOPS:

1. Meet the founder Charlie Hillman

2. West Bend, WI — Exploring the history of GrandCare

3. GrandCare Corp Showroom – Saw the various models and sensor types

4. Met Henry – a 72 year old male.

-Lives alone at Home

-Has the Interactive GrandCare System

– SKYPES with his grandkids

– Plays Solitaire on GrandCare

– Watches YouTube Videos, Checks Weather Reports, Looks at Photo Albums

– Manages his own wellness by taking his weight, blood pressure and glucose readings. System automatically tracks them.

– Does not have a personal computer and does not want one

5. Met Jane (Henry’s 50 year old daughter)

– Lives 8 miles from Henry

– Manages his vitals and looks at his glucose readings

– Receives Alerts at work

– Uploads all of her pics to Facebook (Automatically go to her dad’s system as well)

– SKYPES with her dad

6. Tour of the Virtual ONLINE Caregiver Interface

– Adding Communications to the GrandCare Screen or TouchScreen

– Looking at Graphs

– Setting up Rules/Parameters

7. Question/Answers