Did you miss today’s GrandCare Tour???  Below is some information that we went over during the TOUR!!!

Good news!  We have recorded it for your viewing!!!!!!! View and/or download HERE!

5-11-11 GrandCare TOUR Bus STOPS:

1. Meet the founder Charlie Hillman

2. West Bend, WI — Exploring the history of GrandCare

3. GrandCare Corp Showroom – Saw the various models and sensor types

4. Met Henry – a 72 year old male.

-Lives alone at Home

-Has the Interactive GrandCare System

– SKYPES with his grandkids

– Plays Solitaire on GrandCare

– Watches YouTube Videos, Checks Weather Reports, Looks at Photo Albums

– Manages his own wellness by taking his weight, blood pressure and glucose readings. System automatically tracks them.

– Does not have a personal computer and does not want one

5. Met Jane (Henry’s 50 year old daughter)

– Lives 8 miles from Henry

– Manages his vitals and looks at his glucose readings

– Receives Alerts at work

– Uploads all of her pics to Facebook (Automatically go to her dad’s system as well)

– SKYPES with her dad

6. Tour of the Virtual ONLINE Caregiver Interface

– Adding Communications to the GrandCare Screen or TouchScreen

– Looking at Graphs

– Setting up Rules/Parameters

7. Question/Answers

NEW! Xavier University research on GrandCare-powered smart home for people with disabilities.See their findings