10/20/11 Webinar “A New Approach to Customer Service: Boomers Serving Boomers”

Thursday, October 20th 2011

Bi-Weelky Aging & Technology Webinar

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Our Topic: “A New Approach to Customer Service: Boomers Serving Boomers”

Hiring and managing Baby-Boomers requires employers to implement some new management styles and HR policies to be effective.

This webinar will focus on:

  • The value of hiring Boomers and older adults within your organization
  • What management styles need to change to be effective
  • The pros/cons of hiring and managing an older workforce (Boomers and Seniors specifically)

Our Speaker: Steve Shefveland, Founder and CEO, Tree Rings

Steve Shefveland is a 20-year sales and marketing veteran, who is founder and CEO of Ashesi Global Services, Inc. and Tree Rings, LLC, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.  Tree Rings was founded in 2009 and employs “boomers” and senior adults in its call centers near retirement communities to provide customer care, sales and technical support services for companies selling to the aging adult population.  Mr. Shefveland attributes Tree Rings’ success to his direct investment in senior adults, whose experience and skills are highly valued for achieving the company’s vision of serving others.

Our Sponsor: Tree Rings

Tree Rings, LLC. was founded with the single goal of hiring “baby boomers,” seniors and retirees who want to work part-time or full-time providing telephone support and other support services for companies who sell-to and service retirees and senior market consumers.

In other words … Boomers serving Boomers!

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Tree Rings is building state-of-the art, IP-enabled Micro-Call Centers adjacent to large retirement communities across the USA, beginning in Scottsdale, Arizona and West Phoenix, including Sun City.  Our call centers in Scottsdale and Sun City draw upon a senior market demographic of 200,000 who are highly educated, outgoing, and hard working.