GrandCare Systems selected as Sterling Award Winner in Health & Wellness Category

Winners Announced at 4th Annual Silvers Summit at the 2012 International CES;
Represent best in class products and technologies for Americans Age 50+

LAS VEGAS, January 10, 2012 – GrandCare Systems has been selected as a winner in the Health and Wellness category in the first annual Sterling Awards competition, as announced at the Silvers Summit Conference at CES today. Sponsored by AARP, the Sterling Awards identify the very best in technology innovation and product excellence for Americans age 50+.

GrandCare Systems, GC HomeBase was selected as winner in Health & Wellness category. Other Sterling Award winners include:
• Education/Continued Learning – Company: LiveMocha, Product: LiveMocha
• Entertainment – Company: My Gait LLC, Product: My Gait Senior Computer
• Relationships/Family Caregiving – Company: No Tie LLC, Product: AutoVerbal
• Cause-Worthy Product/Service – Company: Great Grabz, Product: Unique Touch Grab Bars

The purpose of the inaugural Sterling Awards is to identify the peerless products (design, functionality, purpose) that enhance, empower and exemplify the lifestyles of the Boomer and Silvers audience. Winning criteria included products or services that solve a problem/issue and have relevancy for the lifestyles for those age 50+:

• Limited mobility and agility
• Limitations with eyesight or hearing
• Cognitive thinking skills/brain health
• Communication, education and engagement

In addition, products must enhance one of the following for those age 50+:
• Health and wellness aiding longevity
• Intergenerational interaction and learning (includes family caregiving)
• Safety (in the home, car, community, etc.)
• Social connectivity or networks (help in eliminating isolation)
• Engages user in social or environmental cause

Award winners were chosen by the expert panel of judges from: Aging in Place Technology Watch, AARP, Carnegie Mellon University, Care2, Compelling Telling, Continua Health Alliance, Mary Furlong & Associates, National Alliance for Caregiving, NPR Labs, PBS Kids Interactive, SmartSilvers Alliance, Vibrant Nation.

“We congratulate GrandCare Systems and all of our Sterling Award winners who offer unique ways to enrich the lives of the 100 million boomers and silvers in our society today,” said Sherri Snelling, co-producer, Silvers Summit. “We hope the Sterling Awards become an annual showcase that illustrates the new and improved ways that technology can help us stay healthy, happy, connected to family and friends, living in our homes longer, and making a difference in the world as we age.”

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The 4th Annual Silvers Summit at the 2012 International CES is where the thought leaders on aging and technology come together. The one-day conference addresses trends, innovations and strategies in the areas of social media, gaming, driving safety, mobile technology, universal design, smart homes and communities, and customer service addressing the largest and most influential demographic in our society today – Americans age 50+.

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About GrandCare Systems:

GrandCare offers a senior-friendly, Internet enabled, private HomeBase touchcomputer system aimed at maintaining independence, controlling chronic conditions, increasing compliance, strengthening family connections and reducing hospital readmissions. GrandCare combines the technologies of smart home, activity monitoring, wellness monitoring, and social connectivity. The wellness aspect includes wireless physiological readings (weight, blood pressure, oximeter, glucometer), self assessment, and medication compliance with an associated medication dispenser, medication instructions, photos and prompts, specified medication rule sets, alerts, and congregate analytics. The social aspect includes one button Skype, pictures, emails, wellness videos, reminders, and other standard social media content aimed at reducing isolation, educating our loved ones, and influencing them to better self-manage their own health.

About Silvers Summit:

The Silvers Summit at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is where the thought leaders on an aging society and technology come together. The conference and exhibit assembles companies, distributors, journalists, research firms, and think tanks, to demonstrate the products and services that will help consumers age 50+ stay engaged, empowered and help enhance their lives. The Silvers Summit and Exhibition is presented by Living in Digital Times, producer of the following summits and exhibitions at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show: Digital Health, Fitness Tech Summit, HigherEd Tech Summit, Kids@Play Summit, MommyTech Summit, Mobile Apps Showdown, and Last Gadget Standing. For more information about The Silvers Summit, visit:

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