Knute Nelson Home Care opens in Little Falls

Recently opened in Little Falls, Minnesota, Knute Nelson Home Care offers skilled nursing services, home health care and various types of therapies for its clients. This non-profit organization focuses on providing services ranging from personal care like cooking and cleaning, to mental health assessments and ensuring a safe environment for the clients. One of the key features of the Knute Nelson Home Care is the utilization of advanced technology.

The most innovative of Knute Nelson’s technology is GrandCare which ties the technologies available, plus more, into one package.

“It includes a computer touch screen which has the medication reminders, Lifeline or PERS right there,” said Diede. “It will help manage our clients weight and blood pressure. It will show exercises for physical therapy, with a real therapist doing the movements right along with the client. Another feature is allowing family members to upload photos of the family to their loved one along with showing videos of a grandchild’s sporting event or recital in real time. There are also Skype capabilities.”

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