mHealth v. Face-to-Face Care

You’ve been sick for days. Your head hurts, your throat hurts–everything hurts. You’ve already tried cold meds, herbal tea, and home remedies. You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, so now you have to make a choice: do you see a doctor or not?  Used to be, those were the two options people had. However, as technology has improved, so have our options for seeking medical treatment. Would you trust a smartphone app, video call, or texting service to give you a proper diagnosis and provide you the relief you need?

More and more people are saying yes to mHealth or mobile health.  

Whether you’re using a grandCARE system to monitor your vitals, remind you to take your medications, or video chat with a doctor halfway around the world, technology is undoubtedly changing the the way we take care of ourselves.

In-home health care systems like grandCARE are a great way to introduce technology into the lives of elders. And for the technophobes, grandCARE is a self-maintaining “supersystem.” Everything from Skype and HIPAA compliant video calls to facebook photo integration and daily reminders can be handled without grandma ever having to even touch the grandCARE touchscreen.

So, can a computer monitor really enhance and empower an in-home caregiver? Can a video chat session save windshield time and empower a caregiver to check in on several clients at once?  Why is every house not equipped with grandCARE and making life simply better for seniors?  Call us today and order a system for your loved one at an all time low price. 262-338-6147