GrandCare to Be Featured on USDA Website

GrandCare Systems is proud to announce that we will be featured on the USDA Target Center website beginning in early-to-mid May. What is the Target Center? According to the USDA website

“The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) established the Technology & Accessible Resources Give Employment Today (TARGET) Center in 1992 to utilize the power of technology and provide impactful services related to improving accessibility and contributing to the complete employment experience of individuals with disabilities.”

The video, which shows how GrandCare helps make it possible for seniors to age happy and healthy in their homes, is being included as part of Older Americans Month, as the USDA seeks to “…highlight disability-related [technologies] that enhance the Department’s employer of choice capability for individuals with disabilities.” GrandCare is honored to support that mission.

Watch the GrandCare video here:

To find out more, please contact GrandCare at or call us at (262) 338-6147.