GrandCare Has 500 Reasons To Celebrate

Indy drivers race for 500 miles. Peter, Paul and Mary were 500 miles from home. And now GrandCare has over 500 Likes on Facebook. We thank you for each and every one of them. But like the Proclaimers–who famously sang in the 80s that they would walk 500 miles and then walk 500 more–we’re not done yet. We’re going to go out and get another 500 Likes. How? By doing even more of what we do best on Facebook.

At GrandCare we’ve always had a strong focus on community and the building up of the entire aging/technology industry. It’s why we led the famous aging/tech industry weekly Thursday webinars and conference calls from 2008-2011 and why we co-founded the Aging Technology Alliance (AgeTek) in 2010. It’s why we started the no-host meet-and-greets/mix-and-mingles back in 2008 at CES to encourage networking and movement in this space.

That’s the spirit that guides us on Facebook. Not only do we use the platform to inform customers and other industry insiders about what we’re doing at GrandCare, but we also use it to share information about what’s going on in the wider industry. We’re proud of our long history of community focus. And we think it’s why we’ve recently reached that 500 like milestone.

Five hundred may not sound like an astronomical number. We’re not Youtube (80 million Likes) or Samsung Mobile (40 million). But then again we’re not Youtube or Samsung. We’re a big fish in a growing but still small pond. We are a pioneer. A grandfather to this industry. This aging/technology community is getting bigger every day. We are proud that we have had a role in the building of its foundation. In that context, 500 likes in a largely B2B industry is something we’re proud of. We thank you for each and every one of them.

On to 1,000!