Turns out caregiving Technologies for Seniors have to actually work

Caregiving Technologies for Seniors

Over the last 50 years, senior living has been completely transformed by technology. In fact, care for elders wasn’t even included in Social Security benefits until 1965. This new coverage allowed seniors to leave “poorhouses” and move into new, albeit highly unregulated, privatized care facilities. In 1968, new regulations required skilled nursing facilities to provide 24 hour nursing services, meet building codes, and maintain specific care standards for all residents. Over the next 50 years, artificial hearts, the Internet, computers, and proactive and predictive advances in chronic disease management meant that people were living longer and healthier lives. This combination of conditions created the perfect environment for the connected health sector to rise.

Senior care providers across the country are demanding better and more cost-effective technologies to care for the elderly. There’s always a new sensor, wearable device, or notification system promising to make caregiving easier. Technology startups have recognized this market potential and are flooding the industry with new gadgets and apps every day. For those caregivers, children, and spouses actually looking after seniors, a rapidly changing landscape of new products makes it difficult to keep up.  Which ones really work?  Which ones are actually available and on the market today? Which ones are easy to use? This can result in feelings of “technology fatigue” and may actually contribute to lower quality care.

This is where GrandCare outshines the rest. GrandCare is the most comprehensive digital health and caregiver remote monitoring technology on the market. GrandCare has had a decade to build the most robust, user friendly platform designed by caregivers for caregivers.

Try it and you’ll see why everyone is joining the #grandcareworks revolution – because taking care of an aging loved one is hard, using faulty technology makes it harder. Don’t fall for false promises and new untested technologies.  Choose the known brand, GrandCare Systems because it actually works.

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