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Home HealthCare Technology Conference Call Tomorrow 2pm EDT

Tomorrow: 2pm EDT

Home HealthCare Technology Conference Call.

Laurie Orlov speaks. meeting room: grandcare Meeting dial-in information will be displayed there. To join by phone only, please contact me ahead of time for the dial-in number. Thanks!

Healthcare, particularly management of chronic disease, and the associated costs are all on our mind (and that of our country).
But what if all payers and providers agreed to a process that uses technology to deliver the least cost, most appropriate care at the right time, right place? This presentation introduces the idea of “Calibrated Care’ and the need to deploy a process that has saved money for the VA and Kaiser Permanente.

TOMORROW! Join our Aging & Technology Conference Call — Dementia Resources


Topic: Dementia Resources – Low Tech / High Tech – Dementia Friendly Homes

2pm EDT/1pm CDT/ 12n MDT/ 11a PDT

Step 1. Go to our online meeting room:

Step 2. Locate Dial-In information Posted On the Top of the Webinar and DIAL

8-6-09 AGENDA:

I. Save The Date
A. 8/5/09 3pm CDT GC Sales Webinar (email grandcare to register) B. 8/11/09
1pm CDT GC authorized dealers/providers Meeting (mktg/sales, competition,
pricing & more) C. Upcoming Conference Call Topics/Speakers (seeking
speakers for Oct)
8-13-09 The VALUE of Technology – placing a price tag on value (Ken
Kerr, Home Controls)
8-20-09 Home Health Technology (Laurie Orlov)
8-27-09 Aging/Technology Industry Overview (Rob Scheschareg,
9-3-09 A No Bull Guide to Selling (Brian Offenberger, Security

These conferences are recorded. To listen to the

Dealer Jabber/Conference Call/Webinars


III: ROUND TABLE Nothing is “off the table”
A. Industry/Company Announcements
B. Sharing
C. Seen and Be Seen (Upcoming Events)
D. FREE Advice
E. THANK YOUs (have someone on the call to thank?)

IV: CALL TOPIC: Dementia Resources – Low Tech / High Tech – Dementia
Friendly Homes

About your Speaker:
Rosemary Bakker is on faculty at the Weill Cornell Medical College in New
York and is the developer and Director of, a multimedia
website for caregivers of people with dementia.
She is a gerontologist, a certified interior designer, and a former
caregiver to her mother, Arlene, who had Alzheimer’s disease. She
understands first-hand how a dementia-friendly environment can make
caregiving less difficult and more fulfilling. Rosemary has engaged in
real-life testing of over 50 household and technology products, from
grab-bar fastening systems to fall monitors, environmental controls, and
Global Positioning Systems (GPS).

Bakker is a leading expert on the role of interior design and technology in
promoting health and wellness at every stage of life. She has conducted
numerous presentations on the topic to diverse audiences, ranging from
health care professionals, interior designers, housing experts, and Fortune
500 corporations to the Centers for Disease Control, the Alzheimer’s
Association, and the United Nations. Ms. Bakker has been an invited speaker
on CBS, NBC, and PBS and was featured in the Public Lives column of The New
York Times and in AARP’s Modern Maturity. She has won numerous awards for
her innovative work in interior design for healthy longevity and has
authored two books on the topic: Penguin Books (Elderdesign, 1997) and Lark
Books (AARP Guide to Beautiful Living with Universal Design, 2010). You can
contact Rosemary Bakker at

A. Questions
B. What it takes to become a member of the GC Vision Team. Receive reduced
rates & residuals.
Contact dealers(at)

This weekly conference call is hosted by GrandCare Systems. GrandCare is a
complete communication, cognition and

wellness technology allowing individuals to remain independent, safe &
healthy at home.

Hope to catch you on the call tomorrow!

Tomorrow’s Aging/Technology Conference Call Topic: Twitter to promote your brand

Join us tomorrow at 2pm EDT/ 1pm CDT for the weekly aging & technology conference call/webinar. Note, the dial-in information has changed.
If you are interested in joining, please go to the webinar (dial-in will be listed there) meeting room: grandcare
Note – No anonymous attendees – you must enter a valid email address and full name to join the web conference

If you would only like to join by phone, private message me for the dial-in information!! 🙂
THANKS and hope to see you tomorrow!!! 🙂

GrandCare is used to “AGE RESPONSIBLY”

GrandCare is a communication, cognition & wellness assessment program that allows boomers/seniors to “age responsibly” by taking their wellness into their own hands. Besides the basic ADL monitoring, GrandCare also allows for blood pressure, weight, pulse oxygen readings and glucose level reports. These are transmitted wirelessly and automatically to the GrandCare System, without the resident having to do anything. Care-partners can acess this information online and set up parameters to be notified in case of extreme circumstances (e.g significant weight gain, irregular readings, etc.) Meanwhile, care-partners can send cognitive assists, reminders, trivia, photos, videos, instructions, calendar appts and more to a dedicated touch panel monitor in the home.

Thursday Conference Dial-in has changed

Hi All –

We have some pretty exciting topics coming up for our weekly aging & technology webinar/conference call discussions.

Our conference dial-in information/webinar log in has changed, so if you are interested in joining us (all are welcome), please send me a private message and I’ll let you know how to get involved.

Calls are every Thursday at 2pm Eastern/1pm Central
We begin with Announcements, then introductions/networking and a roundtable discussion. The roundtable involves people sharing information, ideas, websites (I share boomer authority for example) and more. Then, we have our speaker. Calls last an hour.

This coming Thursday 7-30-09), Phyllis Zimbler Miller discusses how Twitter can help grow your business. The following week, Aug 6 RoseMary Bakker on Dementia/Alzheimer’s online resource, 8-13, Ken Kerr from Home Controls discusses the VALUE of technology and the PRICE tag associated with it.

Many exciting topics coming up!

Please join us!!!!

Today’s conference call: Med Adherence

Leveraging Technology to Simplify Medication Management, by Jerry Hahn

Mr. Hahn entered the telehealth industry in 2003 after spending most of his career developing space shuttle, robotic, and a wide array of automated systems.  His early experience has served him well enabling him to leverage his automation background into the development of MedSignals, a state of the art, talking, communicating, intelligent, portable medication management device and system.

When used by a patient, MedSignals automatically captures medication adherence detail and forwards it to a server that supports remote monitoring and caregiver alerts.  MedSignals remote management also enables an authorized caregiver to adjust MedSignals regimens on the system and to download new settings to the patient’s device.

2pm EDT Thursday July 23rd Dial: 269-320-8200 Pin: 968410

Web-portion: meeting room: grandcare

Next Webinar Tomorrow 7-21-09 1230 CDT

Feel free to join in our interactive web demonstration of GrandCare Systems.  Tomorrow, Tuesday, at 1230 Central Time.  Just go to meeting room: grandcare

Dial-in information will be posted there!  Hope you can make it!

Tomorrow’s Aging & Technology Conference Call! JOIN US!

Hello Aging & Technology Enthusiasts!

Topic: “The Importance of Brain Fitness”
by Yuval Malinsky, CEO Vigorous Mind

Time: THURSDAY JULY 16, 2009
2pm EDT/1pm CDT/12n MDT/11am PDT

Dial In#: 269-320-8200 Access Code: 968410# Optional Web-based Portion (for
visual aides & chat features)


A. Next GrandCare Software Demo/Webinar
Tuesday July 21, 130ET/1230CT Go to:

B. Quarterly GC Dealer Meeting (mid-August date
TBA) – competition, new developments,
sales/marketing forum

C. Upcoming Conference Call Topics/Speakers
7-23-09 Medication Adherence (MedSignals)
7-30-09 Why Twitter Should be your new best friend
– using Twitter to promote your brand (Phyllis Zimbler Miller)
8-6-09 Resources for Alzheimers/Dementia (Rosemary Bakker)

Now Seeking Speakers for August/September.
Contact Laura Mitchell for details.


III: ROUND TABLE Nothing is “off the table”
This Week’s HOT Topics
A. RANDOM Stories/Thoughts?
B. Tips & Tricks
C. New Technologies
D. Interest in Paid Educational Webinars?

IV: CALL TOPIC: The Importance of Brain Fitness and a Vigorous Mind by Yuval
Malinski Yuval Malinsky, CEO of Vigorous Mind, has had broad experience in
software development and the business of healthcare technology in the U.S.,
Europe, and Israel. He was founder and CEO / Managing Director of three
software and software services companies and has worked as a business
consultant to Fortune 500 companies and academic institutions. He has helped
entrepreneurs and early-stage companies in starting and building their
companies. Mr. Malinsky has been a mentor at MIT Venture Mentoring Service
and has taught a graduate course in Emerging Technologies in Healthcare at
Northeastern University. He holds a MBA from INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France
and a B.A. in Computer Science and Economics from Bar-Ilan University in

Vigorous Mind is a developer and distributor of brain wellness solutions.
Their scientifically based software products offer users a broad brain
exercise program that trains multiple cognitive functions. These include
attention, memory, processing speed, and reasoning.

A. Questions
B. What it takes to become a partner to the GC Vision Team. Receive reduced
rates & residuals.
Contact dealers(at)

This weekly conference call is hosted by GrandCare Systems. GrandCare is a
complete communication, cognition and wellness technology allowing
individuals to remain independent, safe & healthy at home.

Hope to catch you on the call tomorrow!

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