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Tomorrow Conference Call/Webinar: Market Overview & Case Study

Thursday 9-10-09 2pm Eastern Time/1pm Central Market Overview, Demographics & Case Study: Paul Ebaugh from CyberNet Solutions

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1. Welcome/Announcements

2. TOPIC: Market Overview, Demographics & Case Study Paul Ebaugh has applied his extensive expertise and talents in electronic systems engineering under CyberNet Solutions Inc. to help move the building industry in Southeast Michigan to adopt robust technology to better serve their customers.
CyberNet Solution designs, customizes, programs and installs communication, control, entertainment, comfort and security systems for homeowners and businesses. Paul’s passion for the technology and his desire to exceed the needs of the customer has brought his company praise and delighted customers. His personal customer interaction and hands-on direct installation involvement results in a high level of technical performance with products that are easy to use and affordable. Paul is delighted to be a part of the GrandCare team and is committed to helping older seniors and their families thrive through technology.

3. Question/Answer Session

4. Closing

This call is brought to you by in-home technology, GrandCare Systems: The intent of this conference call is to gather a group of visionary individuals, increase awareness of this industry, learn, grow and to network. These calls are open to anyone and everyone FOR FREE!

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Calibrated Care is Closer to Home

Just published today — 2009 Aging and Health Technology Report: Calibrated Care is Closer to Home- Laurie Orlov
Industry Analyst
Aging in Place Technology Watch

Every year GrandCare exhibits at EHX *Electronic House Expo.  It’s always been a great show for us and has given us many dealer leads, new dealer sign-ups.  EHX is hosted in Orlando every March and caters to a wide variety of integrators, dealers, installers, etc.  These dealers are often interested in getting involved with this new market (home health technology), especially when there are residuals/recurring revenues involved for them. This year’s conference will be March 24-27 2010.  Over 8,000 industry professionals and hundreds of exhibiting companies participate in this show every year.
The theme of the 2010 conference is “New Opportunities”.  Many dealers are coming to learn about the home healthcare market and how they can get onboard.  I am creating a home health technology pavilion along with a few conference sessions for dealers about this industry, demographics, technologies available, etc.  I will do significant marketing to gain exposure before the event, and to ensure good dealer attendance.  In the past, dealers have come to EHX ONLY to learn more about these opportunities.   And with the changing times, we expect these numbers to increase significantly. Included in the booth will be a presentation stage with mic and a/v equipment so each vendor will have some presentation time to demo/present the product to a larger audience.  You will be able to do this multiple times throughout the show.  Booth space, carpeting, electricity, signage, etc. will all be included as well.
I am going to keep the all-inclusive exhibiting cost very reasonable and with our technology companies united, we will have a strong presence and large pavilion space.
I am in the beginning stages of getting participants together, submitting press releases, arranging for radio interviews and setting up session speakers.  We are seeking dealers to attend the conference sessions, learn more about the market and opportunities with home health technology.  We are seeking exhibitors and potential speakers for our panels and conference sessions.
Please contact me for more details.  262-338-6147
Laura Mitchell
GrandCare Systems

Free Conference Call Today – 2pm EDT/1pm CT

Topic: Free and Do It Yourself – Top Tools for Online Marketing by Brian Offenberger

“Brian Offenberger is a certified internet marketing expert and the owner of Right On – No Bull Marketing, an internet marketing agency helping small and mid-size companies rev up online sales. His radio show, Online Marketing with RSS Ray, is heard by nearly 100,000 people each week, and can be heard on the internet’s largest talk radio station. His book, Right On – No Bull Marketing, will be release in early 2010.”

Thursday September 3rd 2009 at 2pm EDT/1pm CDT/12n MDT/11a PDT
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1. Intro
2. Caller Introductions
3. Roundtable Sharing
4. Call Topic
Low on budget? You can still evaluate your online marketing with these key do-it-yourself tools.
Best of all, they’re free! Online marketing expert Brian Offenberger shares:
– Free tools that let you see exactly what Google sees when it indexes your website
– Free tools to help you select the keywords most profitable to your business
– Free ways to identify link partners, find broken links, check page rank and more
– Eight free ways to spy on your competition — The power of using common Internet tools in uncommon ways.

Watch your results soar in less than 90 days after attending this highly informative session

Home HealthCare Technology Conference Call Tomorrow 2pm EDT

Tomorrow: 2pm EDT

Home HealthCare Technology Conference Call.

Laurie Orlov speaks. meeting room: grandcare Meeting dial-in information will be displayed there. To join by phone only, please contact me ahead of time for the dial-in number. Thanks!

Healthcare, particularly management of chronic disease, and the associated costs are all on our mind (and that of our country).
But what if all payers and providers agreed to a process that uses technology to deliver the least cost, most appropriate care at the right time, right place? This presentation introduces the idea of “Calibrated Care’ and the need to deploy a process that has saved money for the VA and Kaiser Permanente.

TOMORROW! Join our Aging & Technology Conference Call — Dementia Resources


Topic: Dementia Resources – Low Tech / High Tech – Dementia Friendly Homes

2pm EDT/1pm CDT/ 12n MDT/ 11a PDT

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8-6-09 AGENDA:

I. Save The Date
A. 8/5/09 3pm CDT GC Sales Webinar (email grandcare to register) B. 8/11/09
1pm CDT GC authorized dealers/providers Meeting (mktg/sales, competition,
pricing & more) C. Upcoming Conference Call Topics/Speakers (seeking
speakers for Oct)
8-13-09 The VALUE of Technology – placing a price tag on value (Ken
Kerr, Home Controls)
8-20-09 Home Health Technology (Laurie Orlov)
8-27-09 Aging/Technology Industry Overview (Rob Scheschareg,
9-3-09 A No Bull Guide to Selling (Brian Offenberger, Security

These conferences are recorded. To listen to the

Dealer Jabber/Conference Call/Webinars


III: ROUND TABLE Nothing is “off the table”
A. Industry/Company Announcements
B. Sharing
C. Seen and Be Seen (Upcoming Events)
D. FREE Advice
E. THANK YOUs (have someone on the call to thank?)

IV: CALL TOPIC: Dementia Resources – Low Tech / High Tech – Dementia
Friendly Homes

About your Speaker:
Rosemary Bakker is on faculty at the Weill Cornell Medical College in New
York and is the developer and Director of, a multimedia
website for caregivers of people with dementia.
She is a gerontologist, a certified interior designer, and a former
caregiver to her mother, Arlene, who had Alzheimer’s disease. She
understands first-hand how a dementia-friendly environment can make
caregiving less difficult and more fulfilling. Rosemary has engaged in
real-life testing of over 50 household and technology products, from
grab-bar fastening systems to fall monitors, environmental controls, and
Global Positioning Systems (GPS).

Bakker is a leading expert on the role of interior design and technology in
promoting health and wellness at every stage of life. She has conducted
numerous presentations on the topic to diverse audiences, ranging from
health care professionals, interior designers, housing experts, and Fortune
500 corporations to the Centers for Disease Control, the Alzheimer’s
Association, and the United Nations. Ms. Bakker has been an invited speaker
on CBS, NBC, and PBS and was featured in the Public Lives column of The New
York Times and in AARP’s Modern Maturity. She has won numerous awards for
her innovative work in interior design for healthy longevity and has
authored two books on the topic: Penguin Books (Elderdesign, 1997) and Lark
Books (AARP Guide to Beautiful Living with Universal Design, 2010). You can
contact Rosemary Bakker at

A. Questions
B. What it takes to become a member of the GC Vision Team. Receive reduced
rates & residuals.
Contact dealers(at)

This weekly conference call is hosted by GrandCare Systems. GrandCare is a
complete communication, cognition and

wellness technology allowing individuals to remain independent, safe &
healthy at home.

Hope to catch you on the call tomorrow!

Tomorrow’s Aging/Technology Conference Call Topic: Twitter to promote your brand

Join us tomorrow at 2pm EDT/ 1pm CDT for the weekly aging & technology conference call/webinar. Note, the dial-in information has changed.
If you are interested in joining, please go to the webinar (dial-in will be listed there) meeting room: grandcare
Note – No anonymous attendees – you must enter a valid email address and full name to join the web conference

If you would only like to join by phone, private message me for the dial-in information!! 🙂
THANKS and hope to see you tomorrow!!! 🙂

GrandCare is used to “AGE RESPONSIBLY”

GrandCare is a communication, cognition & wellness assessment program that allows boomers/seniors to “age responsibly” by taking their wellness into their own hands. Besides the basic ADL monitoring, GrandCare also allows for blood pressure, weight, pulse oxygen readings and glucose level reports. These are transmitted wirelessly and automatically to the GrandCare System, without the resident having to do anything. Care-partners can acess this information online and set up parameters to be notified in case of extreme circumstances (e.g significant weight gain, irregular readings, etc.) Meanwhile, care-partners can send cognitive assists, reminders, trivia, photos, videos, instructions, calendar appts and more to a dedicated touch panel monitor in the home.

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