Software Updates

Software updates are here! They include enhancements to Away Periods, Message Center, reports, backups, the Check-In button, new ZWave sensors and of course bug fixes. Here’s a complete list.

GCManage 2.3.7 (Care Portal)

• You can now add notes to Away Periods
• Message Center messages now have expiration dates
• Message Center is now sorted by resident last name
• We now support future dates in reports
• Major system backup improvements
• Video Calling update*

Como 5.0.2 (Touchscreen software)

• The check-in button disappears immediately when pressed
• Support for ZWave AeonLabs/Aeotec Gen5 sensors
• Switched to Chromium-based browser engine
• Skype removed
• More than 20 bugs fixed, including many audio-related ones
• Video calling update*

* Since Microsoft withdrew support for Skype, we broadened the scope of our own video platform. Watch this short video to see how it works.