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The current model touchscreen is the iView. It will come with a power supply and it will be loaded with GrandCare software. It will not be customized for an end user and no devices will be paired to it. It will be billed the same monthly charge as your existing touchscreens.

How many touchscreens? (Leave blank if you only need peripherals.)

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Blood Pressure Monitor

Ear Thermometer

330-pound Weight Scale


Z-Wave Sensors

Be aware that Z-Wave motion and door sensors require a Z-Stick antenna to receive their signal. If you already have one, cool. If you need one (or more) for this order, find the Z-Stick antenna at the bottom of this list.

Z-Wave Motion/Temp

Z-Wave Door/Window

Z-Stick Antenna

Inovonics Activity Sensors

Be aware that Inovonics devices must report to an Inovonics antenna to work. If you already have one, cool. If you need one (or more) find them at the bottom of this list.

Inovonics Door/Window Sensor

Inovonics Motion Sensor

Inovonics Pendant

Inovonics Antenna

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