Peripherals and Options

Current prices for supported devices and other services.


Bluetooth® Blood Pressure Device with Medium Cuff


Medium fits most people. Small and Large cuffs also available for an added fee. 

Bluetooth® Weight Scale (up to 450 lbs)


Bluetooth® Weight Scale (up to 450 lbs)

Bluetooth® Pulse Oximeter


Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Bluetooth® In-Ear Thermometer


Requires probe covers

In-Ear Thermometer Probe Covers (80 pieces)


Probe covers are hard plastic and and are disposable

Bluetooth® FORA Glucometer


Requires Lancing Device, Lancets & Test Strips

FORA Lancing device for Glucometer


Requires lancets, glucometer

FORA Lancets (box of 100) for Glucometer


Requires lancing device, glucometer

FORA (50) Test Strips for Glucometer


Requires glucometer, lancing device, lancets



(Most commonly used for residential installations.)

Level 1 Z-W Antenna


Antenna plugs into touchscreen and receives sensor data.

Level 1 Motion & Temp Sensor


Wireless Sensor tracks motion & indoor temp

Level 1 Door Contact Sensor


Wireless Sensor tracks opening/closing

Level 1 Smart Outlet Plug


Used to automatically turn lights off & on



(For more challenging installations or if a push button wearable is needed)

Level 2 Inovonics Antenna Assembly


Antenna plugs into touchscreen and receives sensor data.

Level 2 Motion Sensor with Pet Immunity


Wireless Motion Sensor – Ignores pets under 30 pounds

Level 2 Door Contact Sensor


Wireless Sensor tracks opening/closing

Level 2 Water-Resistant Push Button


Wearable push button with lanyard


Table 2 SERVICE Description Contract Period PRICE

Deactivation, HIPAA Wipe & Touchscreen Transfers

HIPAA-compliant Data wipe and encrypted back-up storage (per HIPAA guidelines) Includes re-provisioning for new resident

N/A $99/touchscreen (One time fee per touchscreen, includes encrypted data backup and storage)

Private CLIENT Server & Maintenance

Includes: Customized log-in URL with client logo, private cloud-based server with admin access, server maintenance

2 Years $500  Annual Charge

Partial White-Labeling

Includes: CLIENT Logo, colors and configuration options for all GC Touchscreens

N/A $500 (one time) MINIMUM 50 SYSTEMS

On-Site Install & Training Support

Executive level GC staff in-person training & installation support


$1000 per day + reasonable travel accommodations & expenses

Consulting, Custom software development

Specific software development requests including integrations, new features, new sensors, etc.


Rates available for expedited design features

TIER 1 non-emergency CLIENT Member Call Center Support

ustomer Support Center for Members (end-user) directly interacting with the touchscreen + their family to call for troubleshooting, usage, adding caregiver communicators. 9a – 5p CT weekdays

Minimum 6 months $15/member/month

General Consulting

Consulting in setting up accounts, setting up rule sets, additional staff training, Support in Sales Pitches, etc.

Billed in hourly increments (Minimum 1 hour)


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