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CEA’s 2014 Technology Trends To Watch

Consumer Digital Health Care: Featuring GrandCare Systems and VP Business Development, Laura Mitchell
By Rachel Horn

An excerpt from Remote Monitoring and Health Maintenance

Some remote monitoring products combine software and hardware to track and transmit multiple data points and virtually connect people with doctors and loved ones. The GrandCare System, for example, incorporates daily living monitoring with health data capture technologies, socialization tools, video chat capabilities, entertainment features and medication management tools. “We’re a platform that interacts with and engages with a ton of different technologies and different sensors,” explains Laura Mitchell, vice president for business development at GrandCare. The system is designed to be fully customizable and very easy to use. “The system is as intuitive as an ATM or a microwave. It’s very simple,” Mitchell says.

On FDA Approval for Medical Apps

GrandCare’s Laura Mitchell says it makes sense for the FDA to get involved with software in the same way they get involved with hardware, to make sure these services work properly. GrandCare is in the final stages of securing FDA approval for its aging-in-place system. “We had to prove that our software is actually accurately reading those devices,” Mitchell says. “Does it stop innovation? A little bit, definitely, but it’s also sort of a necessary evil because we’re dealing with someone’s health and wellness. It makes sure that we’re giving them the right information and sound advice.

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Download the full report at http://content.ce.org/PDF/2014_5tech_web.pdf