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Disability Pride Flag

What is Disability Pride Month?

In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities ACT (ADA), which protects people with disabilities from discrimination, was passed. Disability Pride Month, observed every July, coincides with the passing of this landmark act.

Disability is a Large Minority Group

According to the CDC, 27% of the United States have some type of disability making them the largest and most diverse minority group. Those disabilities may include…

  • Mobility: including serious difficulties walking or climbing stairs – 12.1%
  • Cognition: difficulty concentrating, remembering or making decisions – 12.8%
  • Independent living: difficulty doing errands alone – 7.2%
  • Self Care: difficulty dressing or bathing – 3.6%

Why Disability Pride is Important

According to Easterseals, a nonprofit which provides disability services and support, “disability pride emerged in response to negative views of disability and to promote human rights. Many people view their disability as an integral part of who they are, rather than something that should be separated from their identity.”

We honor people with disabilities just as they are, as we continue to create and promote environments that conform to their needs and preferences rather than asking them to conform to the status quo. At GrandCare, we believe the best technology is the technology that works for everyone. We will continue to make our platform more and more accessible so that more and more people of various backgrounds and diversities can become part of the GrandCare family.

The Disability Pride Flag

Not familiar with the Disability Pride Flag? Here’s what it represents.

  • Black Field: Mourning for victims of ableist violence and abuse
  • Diagonal Band: “Cutting across” the walls and barriers that separate disabled people from society
  • Red Stripe: Physical disabilities
  • Gold Stripe: Neurodivergence
  • White Stripe: Invisible and undiagnosed disabilities
  • Blue Stripe: Psychiatric disabilities
  • Green Stripe: Sensory disabilities

Source: Wikipedia