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GrandCare interviews on Empowered Patient Radio


daily_tasks gcsKaren Jagoda of Empowered Patient Radio interviewed GrandCare’s Laura Mitchell on the technology expectations of caregivers and patients. Karen inquired about the importance of socialization, asked what the challenges in implementation and why doesn’t everyone have one of these systems? Listen to a detailed explanation of how in-home providers are strategically differentiating their organizations, while ensuring a return on investment.

Laura Mitchell, Chief Marketing Officer, GrandCare.com speaks on the appeal of technology for care receivers as well as home care providers and medical professionals. – See more at: http://radioactivebroadcasting.net/directory-page/itemlist/category/184-the-empowered-patient#sthash.In7nd1MG.dpuf

Radioactive Broadcasting specializes in creative content, media partnerships, marketing and brand expansion.  They help strategic partners grow their reach and increase their sales through internet radio and television shows, integrated content and social media. – See more at: http://radioactivebroadcasting.net/about-us#sthash.NAxbQxoN.dpuf



Laura Mitchell, VP Business Development, GrandCare Systems

Laura Mitchell, Chief Marketing Officer, GrandCare Systems

Laura is a founding member of GrandCare Systems and was responsible for bringing GrandCares’s product to market in 2006, while aiding in the creation of the “Digital Health” and Aging & Technology industry. She specializes in channel partnerships, growth hacking, and non-traditional marketing and social media. She was featured in Forbes for her social media strategies and has been recognized by several industry media outlets, including Connected World Magazine’s 2014 Top Women of M2M, a nomination for the 2012 WEGO Health “Trailblazer”, 2012 Dealerscope’s 40 Under 40, 2012 “Young Turk of CE” by Custom Retailer Magazine, and the 2011 Mary Furlong Flame Award.


What is GrandCare?

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Industry pioneer GrandCare Systems provides the most trusted and comprehensive caregiving technology on the market. Since 2005, GrandCare has enabled individuals to remain healthier, happier, and more independent.

GrandCare is a complete communication, cognition, and monitoring technology that is designed to keep individuals safe, healthy, happy, and independent at home. Using a series of wireless sensors that monitor activity (door, temperature, motion, bed, etc.) and telewellness (blood pressure, weight), a care partner can automatically be notified if anything is amiss. Family can connect via two way video chat AND send pictures, messages, emails, videos, and other communications to an easy-to-use touch monitor in the loved one’s home. Loved ones need ZERO technical experience.


For more information please visit our website at www.grandcare.com

GrandCare on Age Friendly Tech Blog

“GrandCare making a difference for those wanting to live in their homes longer”

A recent news piece from Cold Spring Minnesota shows first hand the difference that GrandCare can make for those who wish to live independently and their families who may live a distance away.

GrandCare monitors health and the taking of medication but some would argue that keeping them in communication with their loved ones is as important…for better emotional health.

One touch to Skype can make a monumental difference.

GrandCare helps give families peace of mind by the way it is able to remotely monitor daily activities with sensors that detect and report both ususal AND unusual activities for families and caregivers…:

  • When pills are taken (or not taken)
  • When a door is opened or not opened (like a fridge)
  • When there is irregular activity (like getting out of bed during the middle of the night and Not getting back in …or Not getting out of a chair)
  • When there is more frequent or less frequent movement than normal (like wandering at night).

GrandCare monitoring costs around $100/month… Leasing options are available.

Note from GrandCare: Pricing varies but can be leased for as low as $99 per month with an upfront installation fee. Final pricing depends on activity and digital health devices deployed.

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