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GrandCare Systems: Product Spotlight on ageinplace.com

GrandCare All in One Monitoring and Communication System

Age in Place, Product Spotlight

A virtual experience for seniors, family and caregivers that combines monitoring and communication in one system, the GrandCare System helps aging in place seniors remain independent and safe at home. Whether monitoring blood pressure, maintaining room temperatures or calling for help, seniors and their caregivers have easy access to one system for senior health and safety controls, socialization and communication.

The GrandCare system was the first system to combine socialization, activities of daily living (ADLs) and telehealth monitoring, which together provide peace of mind for family members living close by or long distance. With “wireless” Bluetooth, X10 and ZWave sensors throughout the home, family and caregivers can monitor the senior’s health and home. No computer skills are needed to operate the easy to use senior home care solution that features an interactive touch screen. Designated caregivers and family can log into the GrandCare website and access sensor graphs, vitals and set up parameters/rules to receive alerts if specific events occur such as medications are not taken, a door is opened at odd times, a refrigerator is not accessed at meal time or an individual did not get out of bed.

As needs continually change, the system monitors the activities of daily living such as waking up, entry and exit from home, eating, sleeping and general movement around the residence. It also uses reminders and cognitive assists when needed to help seniors with medication management. The telehealth feature remotely manages chronic health conditions by tracking blood pressure, weight, pulse and glucose.

For further safety, the Smart Home Automation helps control aspects of the home that promote senior safety. The system controls the home’s temperature, automates lighting and monitors appliances such as the stove being left on.

Seniors will have the ability to socialize and keep in touch with their family using the two-way Web conferencing feature. The virtual visits also allow conferencing with the caregiver, family or doctor all on a monitor in the loved one’s home. Users also can view family videos and pictures, read emails, listen to voicemails and check a calendar for important dates and reminders.

In addition to the socialization, seniors can remain sharp with access to weather updates; news; videos; and entertainment such as games, trivia and spiritual offerings that encourage mental activity and brain fitness.

Grandcare Feature Highlights

  • Medication Compliance, Reminders & Cognitive Assists
  • Telehealth Tracking (BP, Weight, Pulse, Glucose & EKG (coming soon))
  • 2-Way Video Chat & Virtual Visits – Caregiver, Doctor, Family virtual visits on a MONITOR in the Loved One’s Home
  • Activity of Daily Living Monitoring (wake-up, entry/exit from home, eating, sleeping, general movement, med access, etc.)
  • Smart Home Automation (indoor temperature, automated lighting (safe path lighting), appliances (stove left on, etc))
  • Socialization – – Family videos, emails, pictures, voicemails, calendar
  • Brain Fitness – – Games, Trivia, Word of the Day, Spiritual Offerings, headline news, weather reports

Seniors will not need computer skills to benefit from these features.

Original article: http://ageinplace.com/aging-in-place-technology/grandcare-all-in-one-monitoring-and-communication-system/