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This Thursday AgeTech Topic: How to use Social Media to Reach Boomers

Martin Diano speaks – “How to Utilize Social Media to Reach Baby Boomers and Beyond”

Martin Diano is a thought leader in helping Baby Boomers use social media to find, access, and consume high-value content. He is CEO of Boomer Authority™ Association and Publisher of the Baby Boomer [Knowledge Center]™. A veteran of international business, Martin held senior staff positions Thunderbird — The American Graduate School of International Management and the National Institute for World Trade.

Thursday, 2pm EDT (1pm CDT)
Dial-in info listed on the webinar.

See you there!!!


The following page outlines the vision, mission and name
that was developed by the Ad Hoc Board of Directors for
the special industry group that formed at CES 2010.
Although this vision, mission and name have been voted into
place by the board, we wanted to publish this to the broader
group of companies that would ostensibly fall into the category
of voting members for a comment period.
The ad hoc board will take any comments under advisement
and consider them for inclusion or revision. The board will
then vote again for final adoption.
The final vision, mission and name will be unveiled at a
group meeting in Chicago at the What’s Next Boomer
Summit on March 18.
So, without further ado, please turn the page…
— Peter Radsliff, ad hoc board chairman
March 3, 2010
A note about the ad hoc board of directors:
The ad hoc board of directors were nominated and elected by 13 participants
representing 10 companies on a conference call 1/27/10 (meeting minutes
available at http://bit.ly/dmNctq). The elected ad hoc board of directors are:
Peter Radsliff, ad hoc board chairman (Presto Services) peter.radsliff@presto.com
Jill Gilbert, treasurer
Michele Ahlman, secretary (ClearSounds)
Bud Myers, director (firstSTREET)
Madeline Pantalone, director (Jitterbug)
Laura Mitchell, director (GrandCare Systems)

Our Vision:
We promote the awareness, benefits and value of products and services for our
aging society while directly benefiting our members by evolving into the
world’s leading aging-focused technology consortium.
Our Mission:
1. To promote the awareness, benefits and value of member products and services
2. To assist in the advancement of member companies and individual members
3. By facilitating innovation through professional development, education and standardization
of products and services
4. By creating a vital and expanding aging technology community
5. That by encouraging cooperation between members the aging technology industry will
advance as a whole
6. That by pursuing development of “best practices” and a program of continual improvement,
members will be more successful
Our Name:
Aging Technology Alliance
Aging “Aging” because this term is unambiguous in its meaning and somewhat neutral in its
identification. “Silver” is somewhat ambiguous in its reference when used outside of our
industry. “Elder” is seen as a pejorative term and one that resists self-identification. Like it
or not, we are all aging, and this group believes that the aging experience can be improved
through the application of technology.
Technology “Technology” because the products and services we develop, sell, install and operate have
to do with different applications of technology.
Alliance “Alliance” because it means “a merging of efforts or interests by persons, families, states,
or organizations.” For our products and services to have a positive effect on society and
our businesses, many disparate groups need to be involved; such as developers, installers,
marketers, caregivers, family members and users. Without an alliance of these different
groups, the technology will not reach the user

For more information, please contact Peter Radsliffe from Presto: peter.radsliff@presto.com
AgeTek.org is not live yet, in the meantime, visit: http://smartsilvers.com/sig/


Laura Mitchell
AgeTek Alliance
www.agetek.org (live soon!!)

1st meeting: Thursday March 18th, 2010 430 – 6pm Hong Kong Room, Hyatt – Chicago. During ASA Conference

Upcoming Aging/Tech Webinar Topics – Mark your Calendar!!

NEW!!!!!! Starting April 1st, 2011 – we will be meeting only twice a month for these webinars.  We will meet the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month!!!

Where: http://grandcaresystems.webex.com Note: If this is your first time using Webex, please note you may have to install an updated version of Java and an Active X PlugIn. We advise logging into the webinar early your first time to ensure ample time to configure your audio and get a feel for the new service. Thank you!  If you are not already on our mailing list – sign up here

When: the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month at 2pm Eastern Time / 1pm Central / 12n Mountain / 11a Pacific

There is a dial-in number for those who cannot join the webinar (emailed to the participants before the webinar). To sign up for our Aging/Tech Webinar Mailings, email us (info @ grandcare.com)

All are welcome to join us! Calls created & hosted by GrandCare Systems (since 2008).  Sponsored by various industry participants

These calls are possible because of our industry sponsors! Sponsor a webinar for only $50 and get your info and logo sent out to over 1500 mailing participants and receive 3-5 minutes on the webinar to promote your product/services. To sponsor: sign up here

Scheduled Topics (to get on the schedule, contact info(at)grandcare.com)

4-21-11 TOPIC: Cindy Keith, Certified Dementia Practitioner from www.mindinmemorycare.com and author of “Love, Laughter, & Mayhem –

Caregiver Survival Manual For Living With a Person With Dementia” speaks.

5-5-11 Pricing Your Technology Solution: The MILLION Dollar Question. Panelists, Laurie Orlov, Charlie Hillman discuss what you should and shouldn’t do when pricing your technology to customers.

5-19-11 Beating Gravity: Avoiding Falls with Elders: Dr. Rein Tideiksaar speaks.


6-16-11 TOPIC OPEN

7-7-11 John Boden from Elder Issues speaks

7-21-11 TOPIC OPEN

ABOUT YOUR HOST:   Laura Mitchell, VP of Marketing for GrandCare Systems, started these calls in April of 2008 to educate dealers, network with other vendors,  promote awareness & share good information.  GrandCare is a communication, cognition, socialization and remote wellness/Activity of Daily Living monitoring system that helps individuals remain  independent, healthy, happy, mentally sharp & connected to family- no matter where they choose to live.  Age Responsibly with GrandCare Systems. www.grandcare.com  To become a GrandCare Dealer, contact us dealers(at)grandcare.com

Previous Topics



1-13-11 TOPIC: Arthur R. Kupperman from My Senior Portal speaks

1-20-11 TOPIC: Jane Regan speaks on Aging Gracefully: Designing Baths with style and safety for your future.

1-27-11 TOPIC: Stacey Pierce from The Oaks speaks

2-3-11 TOPIC: Lori Bitter from Continuum Crew speaks Targeting the NEW Mature Customer

2-10-11 TOPIC: Jerry Biese from Genworth Life Insurance Company speaks

2-17-11 TOPIC: Industry Roundtable (first time on WebEx)

2-24-11 TOPIC: From a Pharmacist’s Perspective: Understanding and Improving Medication Adherence. Julie Fulmer-Mason from MedFolio speaks, sponsored by MedFolio

3-3-11 TOPIC: Living in Assisted Living at 42. Steve Gurney from Guide to Retirement Living Sourcebook speaks. This webinar is sponsored by Guide to Retirement Living Sourcebook

3-10-11 TOPIC: Richard Anthony from GRAND Media speaks


3-24-11 TOPIC: Mark Shea from North Cascade Right at Home speaks, “Home Care in the 21st Century”, sponsored by Home Controls

3-31-11 TOPIC: Cathy Majkowski from Home Instead Senior Care speaks, sponsored by Presto

4-7-11 TOPIC: 10 Ways to Break Into the Home Health Industry & Dealer-to-Dealer Panel  – – Laura Mitchell, Peter Radsliff, Bob Levy & Tom Morgan speak, sponsored by CEDIA



1-14-10 Jack York CEO of It’s Never too Late, Speaks on Social Connectivity & Brain Stimulation

1-21-10 Julie Sipchen of the National Alzheimer’s Association speaks on the educational component on dementia as well as talk about the new Comfort Zone program.

1-28-10 Mike Dempsey of Independence Labs speaks on Fall Detection (Fall Sensors)

2-4-10 Terry Campbell, Atty at Law speaks on ElderCare and the natural synergy between Elder Law & Tech Providers 2-11-10 Terry Lynch author of “But I don’t Want ElderCare” speaks.. So You Don’t Want “Eldercare”? − Beware These Aging Myths!

2-18-10 Dan Dunlop CEO of Jennings speaks on Social Marketing & Media in the HealthCare Industry

2-25-10 Carolyn Sithong, an Occupational Therapist from Home for Life Design, will share an OT’s view on Aging-in-Place (AIP)

3-4-10 Patricia Grace, founder of Aging with Grace speaks

3-11-10 CloseBy Network speaks on monitoring technologies

3-18-10 SENIOR CYBORG: The Rise of the Machines. Charlie Hillman from GrandCare Systems speaks

3-25-10 LIVE FROM the Electronic House Expo (Orlando) Home Health technology pavilion

4-1-10 Neil Grabowski, CEO of Celery speaks on the value of customer service

4-8-10 Martin Diano, founder of Boomer Authority speaks on social media

4-15-10 Peter Radsliff (Presto) and Laura Mitchell (GrandCare Systems) present on HOW to dive into this 20 billion dollar aging & technology industry.  (A reprise from EHX 2010)

4-22-10 AgeTek Alliance Informational Member Session! Find out what this new alliance is all about and how YOU can join the vision!

4-29-10 Monica Anderson (formerly of Dakim), speaks on the importance of mental fitness

5-6-10 Patrece Banks, Invisible Caregiver, speaks on the medical device/assistive tech device issue

5-13-10 John Boden, ElderIssues, speaks on the Last Inch of Caregiver Data Transmission

5-20-10 Michele Ahlman, President of ClearSounds Communications, Inc. speaks on hearing/vision loss detection and methods for communication

5-27-10 Steve Abate, VRI, speaks on Telehealth and home safety for seniors.

6-3-10 Sponsored by PRESTO!  TOPIC:  The importance of social media and marketing to the Boomer Woman (Stephen Reily, VibrantNation.com, speaks)

6-10-10 Sponsored by Home Controls TOPIC: Roundtable discussion on the varied approach and process  of selling  to the aging population

6-17-10 Sponsored by FineThanx

co-sponsored by Celery & Clearsounds Communications

TOPIC: Dale Carter, Transition Aging Parents, speaks on “Elder Abuse” – Why you NEED to hear this

6-24-10 Sponsored by FineThanx

co-sponsored by Halo Monitoring and The Aging & Technology Alliance (AgeTek)

TOPIC: Maria Tadd, author of “Happiness Is Growing Old at Home”, speaks on various high-tech devices that will help seniors at home as well as in facilities

7-1-10 Sponsored by Home Controls

co-sponsored by Harper Technology Group & The Aging and Technology Alliance (AgeTek)

TOPIC: Debra Young, EmpowerAbility, CAPS and LIVEABLE DESIGN

7-8-10 Sponsored by Celery

co-sponsored by AARP Orlando@50+, Home Controls.

TOPIC: Lori Bitter, Continuum Care Crew,  Learn the misconception about how mature couples make their purchase decisions and why it is all about functionality, not features, that lead to adoption and a consumer devoted to your product.

7-15-10 Sponsored by Home Controls

co-sponsored by Celery & ClearSounds

TOPIC: Tessa Ten Tuscher, CEO of Living Well at Home speaks on The Assisted Living at Home Model of Care

7-22-10 Sponsored by Presto!

co-sponsored by ClearSounds & AgeTek

TOPIC: Shana Duthie, CEO of Nurture Connect, speaks on customer sales & service. You only have one chance to make a first impression

7-29-10 TOPIC:Rita Kobb, MN, APRN-BC,  VHA Telehealth Services speaks on care coordination and home telehealth in VHA Sponsored by Dr. Gene Loeb Aronin, co-sponsored by ClearSounds

8-5-10 TOPIC:Aging & Technology RoundTable: A Brainstorming Session, Sponsored by Worthington, co-sponsored by Presto!and GrandCare Systems

8-12-10 TOPIC: Mark Stowers, Comfort Keepers, discusses the circle of life & why home-based care providers and technology have synergy Sponsored by Ho’okele, co-sponsored by GrandCare Systems

8-19-10 TOPIC: Laurie Orlov, Aging in Place Technology Watch speaks on Caregiving Technology — What’s New? Sponsored by Added Care Services co-sponsored by Celery & Home Controls.

8-26-10 TOPIC: Social Media 2.0 – Peter from Presto explains, Sponsored by Presto! co-sponsored by Home Controls

9-2-10 TOPIC: Technology & Aging: The Value Proposition Ken Kerr speaks Sponsored by Home Controls

9-9-10 TOPIC:Building a New Aging Continuum – Art Carr speaks, Sponsored by Dakim

9-16-10 TOPIC: State-Level Aging Services Technology Provider And Policy Initiatives, Scott Peifer (CAST) Speaks Sponsored by Worthington Distribution

9-23-10 Sponsored by Home Controls TOPIC: LIVE FROM CEDIA!!

9-30-10 Sponsored by Presto! TOPIC: Aging in Place, Louis Tenenbaum speaks

10-7-10 TOPIC: Holistic Approach to Aging in Place, Charlie Hillman from GrandCare speaks

10-14-10 TOPIC: Videocalling for Seniors by Serge Kogan, g2gConnect

10-21-10 TOPIC: Dr. Barbara Harper from Harper Technology Group speaks on “GrandCare Systems and a Framework for Generational Understanding”

10-28-10 TOPIC: Liddy Manson from BeClose Speaks -Solving the Conundrum of Aging in Place Safely              11-11-10 TOPIC: Mary Furlong speaks on New revenue streams for your aging in place business Sponsored by Dr Marion E-Learning for Caregivers

12-2-10 TOPIC: Susan Ayers Walker discusses the Silver Tsunami & how your company can benefit

11-25-10 NO CALL! Happy Thanksgiving!!

11-18-10 TOPIC: Julie Jacobson, Editor of CE PRO speaks

12-9-10 TOPIC: Laurie Orlov speaks on 10 tips for launching a new product or service. http://www.ageinplacetech.com/blog/ten-tips-launching-new-product-or-service

12-16-10 TOPIC: Shana Duthie from Nuture Connect shares: Direct Sales – Why it works.


10-29-09 Patrece Banks of Invisible Caregiver speaks on Assistive Technology, the knowledge gaps, risk management issues & medical devices

11-5-09 Susan Ayers Walker of Smart Silvers Alliance: The Silver Summit and trends in the aging market

11-12-09 Serge Kogan speaks“Who sells what to whom in the remote patient-monitoring market”

11-19-09 Peter Radsliff, founder of Presto

12-3-09 Barbara Friesner, AgeWise Living

12-10-09 Roundtable Sales Discussion

12-17-09 Carol Marak: Strategic Online Marketing