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GrandCare Slated to Speak April 28th at American Society on Aging in San Francisco

The New Look of Technology for Older Persons: Effects of Information Technology
Thursday April 28, 2011: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Hilton San Francisco Union Square hotel
Room: Yosemite A (*tentative)
CEU Credits: 1
Revolutionary new technology and its applications have changed the way older persons are cared for as they age at home enabling them to remain independent and live more fulfilling lives, providing higher quality of care, assisting caretakers, facilitating the communication between all involved in the care of the individual, and equalizing availability of quality care to all persons.
1. Participants will recognize the social and health benefits of technological devices for the care and monitoring of elderly and their effects on enabling individuals to remain home as they age. Participants will be able to specify care scenarios in which technological devices could be used and select devices that would be applied.

2. Participants will identify resources for locating technology and give examples of technological devices and their sources, and innovations in new technology; state the benefits in bridging the digital gap to enable diversity in the availability of technology.

3. Participants will identify federal legislation and mandates influencing care of elderly such as remaining at home as much as possible, and coordination of caretakers and medical personal in sharing of information and roles and the practical effects upon the use of technology for care.
Laura Mitchell
Gene Loeb-Aronin, PhD
Housing, Accessibility and Technology
Technology, Technology and Health
Target Audience
Emerging Professional less than 5 years or Student
Established Professional 10 or more years in profession
Professional 5 to 9 years