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Leading Age Minnesota describes why they chose GrandCare for their members!

Aging Services Group Offers Solutions on a “Grand” Scale

As an owner or operator of a senior care community or home care company, have you ever asked yourself any of these questions:

  • What can we do to positively impact hospital readmissions and capture data to demonstrate our positive outcomes?
  • How can we maximize our care team’s efforts?
  • What is my competitive advantage in our market?
  • What options exist for developing new revenue streams within our care model?

As we confront the challenges of Affordable Care Organizations (ACOs) and data management, workforce shortages, and market differentiation, these – and more questions – have probably crossed your mind. There is one common thread that consistently shows up in the solutions to these challenges – technology.

Aging Services Group is excited to announce a new partnership with GrandCare Systems that will change and enhance the way traditional caregiving services are deployed for older adults in the state.

GrandCare Systems utilizes digital health and socialization technology to reduce health care costs and improve outcomes by enabling designated family members, caregivers and healthcare professionals to remotely care for individuals in their home, regardless of location. A large, easy-to-read touchscreen placed into the client’s residence provides medication prompts, family communications, one touch HIPAA compliant video chat, messaging, patient assessments, discharge information, scheduling, care plans and more.

GrandCare Systems is designed to empower and engage the resident, while providing information to improve health and outcomes. A series of optional wireless telehealth sensors can be used to automatically report and graph vital readings, and even notify a staff member if readings are outside of designated thresholds. Click here to see the system in action.

Knute Nelson in Alexandria is using GrandCare Systems and received a grant from the Minnesota Department of Human Services earlier this year to expand use of this system in its service area. See the July 9 article in Advantage for more details.

To learn more about the program features and discounts available through Aging Services Group’s GrandCare program, contact Rick Lazzari atrlazzari@leadingagemn.org or 651.659.1470 or Laura Mitchell atlaura@grandcare.com or 262.338.6147.