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Frost & Sulllivan predict Remote Patient Monitoring to hit $295M by 2015

Just got an email today from Fierce Health IT which I find to be a valuable source of industry information.

This headline about the remote monitoring industry really caught my eye and I wanted to share, as this is such a short period of time for the expected boom in this industry. We at GrandCare, obviously, really believe that telehealth and digital home health/remote monitoring caregiving technologies will significantly reduce the chance of hospital readmissions and enable more seniors to stay independent at home.


Remote patient monitoring market to hit $295M by 2015

January 6, 2012 — 12:14pm ET | By 

Read more: Remote patient monitoring market to hit $295M by 2015 – FierceHealthIT http://www.fiercehealthit.com/story/remote-patient-monitoring-market-hit-295m-2015/2012-01-06?utm_medium=nl&utm_source=internal#ixzz1iiItJ6vy
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New research from Frost & Sullivan predicts that remote patient monitoring will continue to play a significant role in transforming healthcare. In fact, it says the market for remote monitoring technology, especially for home healthcare and disease management, will soar to $294.9 million by 2015.

As the market continues to grow at double-digit rates, the research expects telemedicine to shift away from traditional services toward more consumer-focused products.

Such predictions are reinforced by recent research from Berg Insight, which estimates that globally, 2.2 million patients use remote monitoring services. According to findings released last month, the number of home monitoring systems with integrated communication capabilities will jump to 4.9 million connections worldwide by 2016.

More optimistic, Kalorama Information in September predicted the market to grow by 25.4 percent each year, ultimately reaching $22.2 billion by 2015. Its report highlights the growing use of remote patient monitoring in intensive care units to ease the burdens of overstressed cardiologists and critical care physicians and nurses.

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Read more: Remote patient monitoring market to hit $295M by 2015 – FierceHealthIT http://www.fiercehealthit.com/story/remote-patient-monitoring-market-hit-295m-2015/2012-01-06?utm_medium=nl&utm_source=internal#ixzz1iiHAbXNY
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