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GrandCare Wins “Most Innovative Senior Living Product” Award 2014

For the second year in a row, GrandCare Systems® has been announced as the winner of SeniorHomes.com’s Best Senior Living Award for “Most Innovative Senior Living Product”.

GrandCare Systems provides the most comprehensive caregiving technology on the market today, enabling individuals to remain safe, healthy, and happy at home. GrandCare’s simple, touch platform enables a resident to view pictures, receive incoming messages, watch videos, video chat with family, listen to music and play fun games. Using a series of wireless activity and telehealth devices, GrandCare can alert designated caregivers by phone, email or text if anything seems amiss (medications not accessed, glucose levels not taken, abnormal activity, etc.).

The SeniorHomes.com Best Senior Living Awards program highlights the best senior living communities in select major metropolitan areas across the US. Utilizing independent, reputable sources such as local experts, state inspection data, and online community reviews from across the web, the program aims to identify and recognize those communities that exceed expectations in serving their residents through highly effective programs and resources to help seniors and their family members navigate the multitude of senior housing options. Consumers face a multitude of care and housing options and today there is not a reliable, objective source of information for comparing and evaluating the quality of the senior living communities in those areas.

The winner of Most Innovative Products is awarded to the finalist that earns the highest rating during the Best Senior Living Awards.

The GrandCare System is now available online at the NEW GrandCare Systems web store. Shop now at Store.GrandCare.com, or learn more about the system at GrandCare.com.