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Bud Myers joins AgeTek as CEO

HOT NEWS: Bud Myers joins AgeTek as CEO

Today, AgeTek announced the appointment of its first chief executive officer, Bud Myers. For years, Bud served as Sr. Director of Merchandising at boomer-focused catalog and online retailer FirstSTREET (www.firststreetonline.com) and is a well-known expert in the baby-boomer and consumer electronics markets.

Bud has played a significant role helping the alliance transition from idea to reality. We are tremendously lucky to have acquired Bud in the first year of the alliance.

Bud wanted to tell you all, “I look forward to helping AgeTek move out of ‘formation’ mode and into ‘action’ mode. We have a robust agenda focused on helping our members’ businesses become successful and there’s lots to do.”

I also want to announce that AgeTek has just become incorporated in the state of California and is about to post the names of its founding members. We gave a deadline of May 31, 2010 to be considered “founding” members. You still have a few more days to send your application which can be found here: http://bit.ly/AgeTekMembership

Send it to agetek@me.com and then send first year dues by check to: Aging Technology Alliance, 3701 Sacramento Street – #496, San Francisco, CA 94118

Final thought: Be part of the solution, or be part of the problem…it’s up to you. Welcome, Bud, and thanks for being part of the solution.