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Geek News Central Interviews GrandCare Founder, Charlie Hillman

Geek News Central
Grandcare: Keeping the Senior Citizen Independent

Andy McCasky and Esbjorn Larsen spoke to Charles Hillman, PE of Grandcare. Grandcare goal is to help seniors stay in their home, while allowing the caregiver to have peace of mind. The system consists of a central unit similar to a TiVo box that connects to any size TV or monitor. Then a series of motion sensors can placed around the house that measure motions.

There is also a wellness system that can measure blood pressure, weight and other health measurements. The monitor has a series of buttons, that can be set by and changed by the caregiver. The buttons can be big as needed and give a tactile feed back to the senior citizen. On the buttons are pictures to indicate who or what the senior will connect to. Push a button and the senior citizen is connected with a family member through Skype or a video plays that the caregiver has chosen for the senior citizen, the possibilities are endless.

The Grandcare system is set up to prevent malware and virus, and unwanted communication to the senior citizen. It is simple to use and no computer knowledge is necessary by the senior citizen. Grandcare has distributors and dealers that install the system.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News. and Esbjorn Larsen of MrNetCast.com.

Watch the video Here

NOTE – – The Current Activity & Wellness Sensors Available from GrandCare Systems are here
Tele-Wellness Sensors Currently Available for Retail: Blood Pressure, Weight Scale, Medication Dispenser. (Glucometer & Pulse Oximeter available pending FDA Approval)


Digital health market pegged to reach $5.7B by 2015

Another article on the quickly growing market and mentions the Aging Technology Alliance as an important player in this industry!!!!

February 8, 2011 — 11:50am ET | By Sara Jackson – Contributing Editor

Subscribe: http://www.fiercemobilehealthcare.com/signup?sourceform=Viral-Tynt-FierceMobileHealthcare-FierceMobileHealthcareMobile healthcare will be the primary driver behind massive growth in the digital health market over the next five years, according to analysis by research firm Parks Associates.
The company’s latest report, “Delivering Quality Care to the Digital Home: 2010 Update,” puts the digital health market at $1.7 billion in 2010, and projects that to skyrocket to $5.7 billion by 2015–a whopping 27 percent increase.

The growth will come in three primary segments of the mobile market: chronic-care monitoring; systems to allow seniors to age in place (medications management, etc.); and wellness and fitness apps and programs, according to Parks officials.

“Adoption of chronic-care monitoring will grow slowly, and medication management and senior fall-detection programs will expand at above-average rates,” Parks’ research team director Harry Wang said, according to a news release. “The real engines of growth in this industry will be mobile care solutions and tracking applications.”

Parks’ research points to the recent explosion of fitness apps, as well as the 2010 entry of Philips into the “healthy living” segment of the market with its new “DirectLife” service for fitness and wellness management. Another indicator of market potential: A new alliance formed last month at CES 2011 around this growing sector. Called The Aging Technology Alliance (AgeTek), it’s made up of vendors that provide technology products and services to allow seniors to stay in their homes as they age.

The fly in the ointment: Wrangling over the healthcare reform law could significantly slow digital health’s growth, by chilling investment into businesses developing the new technologies, Wang warns. “To move forward, this industry needs smart entrepreneurs and visionary industry leaders and a regulatory and reimbursement system amenable to innovative, effective and cost-saving technology advances,” he says.

Read more: Digital health market pegged to reach $5.7B by 2015 – FierceMobileHealthcare http://www.fiercemobilehealthcare.com/story/digital-health-market-pegged-reach-57b-2015/2011-02-08#comment-914#ixzz1DORiAcKL

By Laura Mitchell – GrandCare Systems | Posted 2:25pm | February 8, 2011
Thanks for the write-up. I am a director on the Aging Technology Alliance Board and we celebrated our one year anniversary at this last CES show in Las Vegas. We are slowly growing and gaining interest from new members, including big players like AARP (who recently joined our alliance). Our alliance was designed in the spirit of co-ompetition. In other words, the aging tsunami is coming and will float all boats! Why not work together to build up this brand new category of digital home health.
Please take a moment and check out our website: www.agetek.org
On a similar note, I personally host a weekly industry-wide aging/technology webinar. This webinar is open to anyone and everyone in the aging and technology industry and features different speakers every week on various relevant topics. All are welcome to join us. We meet every Thursday at 1pm Central Time (11am PST). For more information, go here: http://wp.me/pyOLA-1t
Thanks again!
Laura Mitchell, GrandCare Systems
Aging Technology Alliance Board Director

Read more: Digital health market pegged to reach $5.7B by 2015 – FierceMobileHealthcare http://www.fiercemobilehealthcare.com/story/digital-health-market-pegged-reach-57b-2015/2011-02-08#comment-914#ixzz1DOSBMFLc
Subscribe: http://www.fiercemobilehealthcare.com/signup?sourceform=Viral-Tynt-FierceMobileHealthcare-FierceMobileHealthcare

United in Technology for Aging video

Check out the United in Technology for Aging article and video with our AgeTek Directors, Laura Mitchell and Peter Radsliff!
In this short clip, Ken from ViodiTV interviews Laura and Peter about AgeTek and a few of the AgeTek member products.
Thanks ViodiTV!

New technology can be the best medicine – USA Today reports on technology to help our aging population!!

Below is a great article by USA Today shedding more light on the aging/technology industry!! We at GrandCare couldn’t agree more and it’s exciting that all of these new technologies are coming out, providing enabling solutions for our aging population to stay at home. January 2011 was a very monumental month, as it was the first month that our boomers could qualify for Social Security. As we all know, the aging tsunami is coming – and our boomers want to stay home and independent for as long as possible. In fact, the Aging Technology Alliance (AGETEK) was formed to help all of these aging/technology vendors to come together and build up this brand new category of aging/technology solutions. There are many more solutions out there – check www.agetek.org – GrandCare Systems is another aging/technology solution that that combines aspects of Social Networking, Digital Photo Frame technology, Activity of Daily Living & Telehealth Monitoring along with basic smart home features to assure a network of caregivers that all is well in a Loved One’s residence. Caregivers can be alerted by phone, email, text if something seems amiss (meds were not accessed, door opened during the night, or abnormal vitals). The Loved One doesn’t need to have any computer experience to enjoy two way interactive web chat (via skype), play trivia and card games and see incoming family communications (pictures, messages, emails, videos, music, calendar appts, etc) right on an interactive TouchPad. It’s entertainment and independence all in one! This article is very timely, in the fact that we need to start seeking technology solutions to save money and maintain our own independence. Studies have shown Seniors fear Nursing Homes worse than death. Fortunately, there are solutions out there that can help (and save money). Grateful to USA Today for keeping this ever-present topic alive! Laura Mitchell from GrandCare

USA Today Reports: Technology Can Be the Best Medicine
By Mike Snider, USA TODAY

We all know that smartphones, tablet computers and big-screen TVs are transforming the workplace and home. But the newest gadgets could also be a tonic for medicine and health care.
Cellphones have already proven to be a potent medical instrument in improving patient outcomes. Diabetes patients who are sent videos on their cellphones and actually view them are more likely to check blood sugar levels and comply with their care regimens, said U.S. Army Col. Ron Poropatich, who spoke at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week.

And wounded veterans sent text messages via cellphone have better follow-up treatment routines and feel more connected to caregivers, said Poropatich, deputy director of the U.S. Army’s Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center at Fort Detrick, Md.

Several military-run treatment trials are testing the promise of cellphones and online apps in patient care. Poropatich foresees patients tracking their blood pressure and other measurements using computers and devices, and those findings being monitored remotely by caregivers. Similarly, cellphones and online video can connect care-intensive patients who want to remain in their homes with off-site doctors and families.

Both of Poropatich’s parents are alive and “I would like to be able to log onto my Blackberry and see how they are doing,” he said.

Already, commercial firms are making their own evolutionary strides in telemedicine and personal health monitoring.

A look at some of the health and medical advances on display last week at CES:

•Homebound parents can stay connected online using VitalLink, a touch-screen based computer system that allows real-time video chatting using the phone line and webcam. The New Jersey-based company created online software that can be used with touchscreens, no mouse or keyboard required. “We’re keeping it easy to use for the elderly who are computer-phobic and don’t have the skills,” says company president Rich Brown.

Photo galleries can also be uploaded for viewing. Chat and photo software features start at $4.99 monthly; touchscreens start at about $300 (vitallink.net).

In some assisted living and skilled nursing facilities, VitalLink is being tested with an additional activity monitor feature that lets caregivers and primary family members track the resident’s involvement. “If they are not active, you can try and call or you can initiate a call from their end and see what’s going on,” Brown says.

•For elderly relatives who want to remain in their own homes, the My Guardian Angel service provides automated fall and wander detection, emergency readings and other behavioral and medical monitoring. Residents wear a wristwatch that tracks location, sends out fall alerts, records body temperature and can be upgraded to record pulse as well.

Additional health data from Bluetooth devices (blood pressure, glucose monitoring) can be captured by My Guardian, too. Base price for the system with watch, wireless Internet gateway, three wireless electrical plug-in routers and charging unit is under $1,000; $79.95 monthly service (atguardianangel.com).

The system is highly customizable. “My mom does not like to sleep with (the watch on) and she takes it off every night. If she doesn’t have it on by 8 a.m. I get a text message to call my mom and tell to put it on,” said CEO Ed Caracappa. “It’s a very complete and fully functional system for those who wish to age in place.”

•Data tracking can also help those who aim to get – and remain – physically fit. MapMyFitness records and tracks your workout progress using free iPhone apps and compatible devices such as hear monitors and GPS devices.

Runners and bicyclists can wirelessly input data from a heart rate sensor (made by Garmin, Wahoo, Adidas or Timex, for instance) to the iPhone or iPod Touch (also compatible with Blackberry and Android devices). ” That gives you instant feedback,” says MapMyFitness senior mobile development manager Chris Glode. “You can just look at your phone and know whether you are in your target zone or not.”

Other data types that can be input include runner cadence and speed, power expenditure (good for cyclists) and weight ($130-up, www.mapmyfitness.com).

Beyond that, a Web-based subscription service lets you view workout charts and reports, as well as training plans (free to $100 annually). “More and more people are wanting to track every aspect of their life using more and more sophisticated types of sensors,” Glode says. “The data you get, in addition to how you feel during the workout and how many calories you burned, is crucial to people.”

•Workouts can tracked and more enjoyable by incorporating your big-screen TV. BodyMedia’s Fit Armband BW ($249) tracks calories burned and consumed, physical activity, steps taken and sleep. The Bluetooth device lets you monitor activity on your iPhone or Android phone already, but starting in April Panasonic will let you access BodyMedia’s software on its Viera HDTVs.

That will allow exercisers to watch their activity levels and calories burnt add up while they watch movies, TV shows or while playing video games. “Our partnership with Panasonic is on the cutting edge for adding important health and wellness information to everyday TV viewing,” says BodyMedia chief information officer Steve Menke. “The integration of a body monitoring technology with the TV is enabling real-time health and wellness management.”

The marrying of consumer electronics and medical technologies is going to be needed especially as baby boomers age, Poropatich says. “Electronic devices are going to hooked to the cloud. That’s all happening.”

GrandCare will be at CES in LVCC North Hall #2812

Going to CES?

GrandCare will be showcasing their communication, cognition, monitoring and wellness assessment technology at CES 2011 in Las Vegas, LVCC North Hall #2812. CES is Jan 6-9th.

We would love to see you there. Want to meet with us, just email info(@)GrandCare.com

We have just a few FREE show passes to CES left for our favorite friends, email us to find out more about that!!!

Laura Mitchell of GrandCare will be speaking on the Social Networking Panel at the Pre-CES workshop in the Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas, on Wednesday Jan 5th from 1p-430p. More info here

Stay After the workshop for THE ANNUAL AGETEK Networking and Meeting! And after, brave souls will head to KARAOKE arranged by PRESTO!!!

Laura & Charlie will also be speaking during the Silvers Summit on Saturday January 8th at CES. More info here