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Will you join our movement to inspire and connect? GrandCare Contest

The GrandCare movement is changing the world…

GrandCare is leading a movement to change the world as we age.  View the movement video here: GrandCare’s Facebook page and just hit share on Facebook.  Two “sharers” will be selected as our Inspirational Movement Ambassadors and be highlighted by GrandCare AND will win a FREE GrandCare System on May 30th.

Here’s what the movement is about. Will you join us?

…Transforming and connecting

The simple touchscreen system, has big, easy to read buttons. It makes the connection with loved ones as easy as the push of a button.

…Empowering and soothing

Vitals and activities are recorded automatically. Peace of mind for the people far away who worry. Peace of mind of the senior, who knows loved ones can check in easily, and are alerted automatically if something isn’t right.

…Entertaining and informative

A wealth of information, connection, and entertainment easily available. Just push the buttons for news and weather. Games. Old-time radio. Videos. Family photos. The Internet.

…Friendly guidance

Messaging. Calendar and event reminders. Daily To-do lists. Medication reminders.

…Pure joy

Isn’t it time to inspire with GrandCare?

Will you join us to inspire and make your loved one’s life better? You have the power! Enter our Facebook contest.


Visit GrandCare’s Facebook page to view our video. Then share it with your Facebook friends. Everyone who shares will be entered into our contest. Two winners will be selected to win a GrandCare System on May 30th.

Inspire, motivate, influence someone special today! Join the GrandCare movement.

GrandCare launches video competition for Grandparents Day Sept 8th!

Charlie and Gaytha Hillman with their seven grandchildren

Charlie and Gaytha Hillman with their seven grandchildren

Attention all you creative kids & teens!

National Grandparents Day is September 8th, 2013.

In celebration of this fantastic holiday, we’re doing something special.  We are hosting a competition for kids around the world to make the best video commercial promoting grandparents!  It can be creative, it can be musical, it can be theatrical, it can be fun!   Get your friends, family and grandparents involved!

Get your creativity on and submit your 30-second-or-shorter video to YouTube for your chance to win!!  The winners with the most views on September 8th, 2013 will receive technology and cash prizes.   Submit once, submit often!!!

All videos must be uploaded to YouTube.  Your video title must begin with the words “GrandCare Systems loves Grandparents contest.”   GrandCare will share your video through our various social media networks. Contestants will want to share their video with all their friends and family, too, because On September 8th, the video with the most views wins.

The first place winner will receive a cool technology prize (tba), will be featured on the GrandCare blog & social media networks, will have their video featured on the GrandCare homepage & will receive additional kudos & general awesomeness!

There will also be prizes for our Second & Third runner-ups (cash, gift cards & technology).

CONTEST Instructions & Rules:

– All videos must begin with the applicant sharing his/her first name and location and stating this is the GrandCare loves Grandparents contest

– Video must be submitted before Sept 8th, 2013 to youtube

– Videos must be submitted with the title “GrandCare loves Grandparents contest”

– Videos with the most views on Sept 8th, 2013 win

–  Videos must at some point include “hey, GrandCare, grandparents are awesome!” This can be spoken, sung or written at any point during the video

– There is no limit to how many videos you may submit

– Videos must be less than one minute in length

– Videos May not contain copyrighted material (songs or media)


If you are interested in partnering with GrandCare on this Grandparent promotional effort, please contact us: media@grandcare.com