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GrandCare Featured on Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline

GrandCare CEO Laura Mitchell was recently a guest on Into Tomorrow, a radio show that has been featuring innovative technology for 23 years. Laura talked with host Dave Graveline about some of GrandCare’s key features, including touchscreen-based remote monitoring, video chat, and socialization for seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Listen to the boradcast:

GrandCare Systems featured on “Into Tomorrow” by Dave Graveline – from EHX

I ran across this video today while searching online and thought I’d share! It’s a great little clip of two of our GrandCare team members giving a demonstration back in March 2011 at EHX: The CEPRO event in Orlando. GrandCare R&D team member, Nick Hall and GrandCare Las Vegas Sales Rep, Brietta Smith, were interviewed by Dave Graveline & Rob Almanza from Into Tomorrow about the GrandCare wellness sensors (namely the blood pressure device) and the newer integration of the Rx Tender, Medication Dispenser.



GrandCare’s radio interview with “into tomorrow” at EHX

Dave and the “Into Tomorrow” team were in Orlando, FL recording our broadcast from the Electronic House Expo. Want to make your home smarter? Check out some of the latest gadgets for your home.

Listen to Laura Mitchell from GrandCare Systems talk about the GrandCare System and how this system is making our seniors smarter and more connected!!!
http://www.graveline.com/shows2010/04-02-2010-3.mp3 (fast forward to 21:32 to hear Laura speak)

Laura Mitchell On-Air


GrandCare Featured on Dave Graveline Best of EHX 2010 Video

GrandCare chosen as one of the featured Technologies by the Dave Graveline “Into Tomorrow” Radio show at EHX in Orlando last week. Check out his EHX 2010 Video Highlights: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D32ZNvqfHs8&feature=player_embedded[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D32ZNvqfHs8&feature=player_embedded]

I also did a radio interview on the program, but that has not been posted to the website yet. http://intotomorrow.com/

Good things all around! Have a great Easter Weekend All!