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In the Spotlight: Ed Kmetz from Pure Sight & Sound, Inc.

Pure Sight & Sound provides design, installation, and consulting services for residential and commercial technology systems in Pennsylvania. Ed Kmetz, president of Pure Sight & Sound, has been a long time visionary, as one of GrandCare’s early implementation & integration experts in the senior and disability market.

We had the opportunity last week to sit down with Ed and really find out what drew him to GrandCare and explore his passion for helping others, particularly in the aging and disability space.

Q: Thanks for talking with us, Ed. Can you start by telling us a little about your background? How did you become involved in technology for seniors?
A: My background is all in technology. After graduating with a materials engineering degree from Drexel in Philadelphia, I immediately went into international sales and engineering, studying in Japan and working globally in Asia, Canada, and Mexico for 15 years.

About 13 years ago, I started my own company doing audio/video and automation in homes and businesses. I hadn’t thought of technology for the aging/disabled market specifically until I learned about GrandCare. I thought it was such a great idea and it fit right in with an initiative I started years ago called “The Grandma Guarantee.” This means Grandma will be able to operate everything Pure Sight & Sound provides, and with little to no training.

Q: Why did you choose GrandCare?
A: In part, because GrandCare started developing their software technology in 2005, clearly making them the pioneer. When I started working with GrandCare, they were the only company that combined the various protocol-driven home and activity sensors, telehealth devices and touch-based socialization platform into one complete package. As great as it was then, they’ve come a long way since. And the support has always been fantastic.

Q: Who is your target audience for selling GrandCare?
A: We sell our GrandCare Systems to two main groups of people. Our first target is the clients of home care agencies, and our second target is hospice (end of life care) facilities.

Q: How do you approach marketing GrandCare?
A: I have a wonderful international business network that I’ve built through the years in this industry. So of course, I leverage that. But it was also important to make closer, personal relationships with local homecare agencies and hospices.

Q: What’s one misconception about aging that you’d like to change?
A: That aging folks are intimidated by technology. Some are, of course, but for the most part, if we can get them touching the interface, we can get them comfortable in a very short time. We bought my mom a computer for her 75th birthday, and had to upgrade her hardware for her 80th!

Q: If you could tell everyone in the world one thing about GrandCare, what would it be?
A: We’ve had better support from GrandCare than probably every other vendor we work with. (And we work with a LOT of vendors!)

Q: What are you most passionate about?
A: I’m passionate about making sure that my customers are comfortable with, understand, and can actually use everything we supply.

Pure Sight & Sound provides design, installation, and consulting services in Pennsylvania, for home theater systems, smart home technology, audio, video, automation, and a variety of other types of residential and commercial technology systems, including GrandCare technology, for assisting seniors and the disabled population. For more information about Pure Sight & Sound, visit www.puresightandsound.com, call 570-992-2992, or email Ed at ekmetz@puresightandsound.com.

For more information about GrandCare, and our growing dealer/reseller/aging service provider network, visit www.grandcare.com or email us at sales@grandcare.com. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Upcoming GrandCare Affiliate Training:
July 25-27 at CEDIA HQ in Indianapolis, IN
August 17-19 at GrandCare HQ in West Bend, WI

What is CEDIA and why do you need to be there?

CEDIA Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (http://www.cedia.net/)


CEDIA EXPO is the #1 tradeshow in the residential electronic systems industry. Attending CEDIA EXPO gives you an advantage over the competition by providing the latest technologies, FREE training on the latest products, and the industry’s best education with CEDIA University courses. CEDIA EXPO gives you the best strategies to profit in home entertainment, environmental control, energy management, green technology, home health, security, and more.  2009’s conference saw 20,000 dealers and over 350 exhibitors.

Who should attend?

1. Professionals in home entertainment, security, lighting control, environmental control, energy management, retrofit, home control, home health, home theater, audio systems, integration, or are someone looking to break into the residential electronic systems industry, you need to be at CEDIA EXPO.

2. Home health technology provider that are looking to sell your technology through Custom Integrators/Dealers- YOU NEED TO BE AT CEDIA EXPO!

AgeTek is putting together a home health tech pavilion (right next to the CEDIA Future Home Technology House).  This pavilion will be full of aging technologies and there will be great attention drawn to our pavilion.  We will be hosting educational sessions and panels RIGHT on the show floor.  We will be doing press releases to get the dealers there – although, this topic is so hot right now, the dealers already KNOW that’s where they need to be!

GrandCare Systems will be exhibiting along with fellow agetek members: Presto!, ClearSounds Communications, VRI, Home Controls and more…

GrandCare will be hosting a special ON-SITE manufacturer-hosted dealer team training in the Convention Center before CEDIA Expo begins.  This is open too ALL Authorized GrandCare Dealers (old and new).  GrandCare will also be offering a brief refresher course open to current authorized dealers.

Look for GrandCare at their Manufacturer Training Course – open to all – during CEDIA on Saturday from 4 – 530p and during the Home Health Panel on Friday from 2 – 4p.

SPACE is very limited in this pavilion!  We are already over half booked and registration hasn’t even started yet (June 1)

Speaking and other opportunities are still available!!!

Please contact me ASAP to book your turnkey kiosk at CEDIA .  CEDIA is offering a wonderful discount to all pavilion members for an all-inclusive turnkey kiosk for well under $3,000.  AgeTek Members receive an additional $250 off the substantial discount.

INFO@grandcare.com to secure your place!

More info to come…